Christa Katharina Dallinger

No ordinary man

There is something about you

that appeals to me so much.

You are no ordinary man,

or just to much a man to be real.


Your movements so slow and graceful,

The miracle of the way you must have loved,

Loving you became my whole life.

You are no ordinary man.


You are no prince, no god.

But you will know what magic has touched me.

You love me too, you see through me.

We are playing an old, familiar game.


There is no one to help us through.

No one will care.

Some day we’ll be together.

I have never met a man I loved more.


Night after night your fingers caressed me.

But you are a fair chunk of my imagination,

because you are no ordinary man.

You are just too much a man to be real.


Your voice follows me, lower, calmer.

It has carved a hollow space into everything.

My eyes closed against the lights,

I just wish I will see more of you.



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Publicado en el 14.05.2017.


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