Peter Grädel

The Marriage Contract

Fiancées for twenty five years,
the couple overcame their fears,
and followed their hearts call,
by deciding to marry after all.

They were not only elderly,
but extraordinarily orderly,
and took to the task in strive,
to fully map out their marriage life.

Every detail was duly written down.
From the colour of her morning gown,
whose task it is disposing the garbage,
to how many bites are to a sandwich.

“I couldn’t think of anything else”, the bride finally said.
The gallant bridegroom raised slowly his head:
“My dear, how frequently shall in sex we engage?
Clearly, a marginal question in our youthful age.”

“Oh! – infrequently!”, she said, “you naugthy boy, you...”
“May I note it down, I wonder, in one word or two?”


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Peter Grädel.
Publicado en el 22.06.2006.


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