Johanna Döttelmayer

You need more


In the end you might wind up

Back where you started

The vision that was stopped

May have not

Taken all of realities sides into account


You need more

To get what you’re longing for

Give yourself more


Walls are build up everywhere

But what steps can you take?

No matter how much you care

About facts and data and logic

Everything changes and that might break

Your plan in two


When your confusion makes you

Hold on to the feelings of what you couldn’t reach

What are you gonna do

But push through, push through?


One shot often isn’t enough

You need more

To get what you’re longing for

Give yourself more


Life became harder than I expected

At times I feel my weaknesses coldly dissected

Don’t walk through everything

Looking down and crying

It’s worth trying again and again

On day you’ll see you can


Give yourself more

You need more

To get what you’re longing for






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Publicado en el 12.05.2018.


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