Sue Honig

May I be free

Don't you see
that I'm not happy
when you don't let me be
completely free

Don't you see
I'm getting angry
when I'm locked up
and don't have the key

I don't see
why this is the way it should be
though it's normality
it does not work for me

I don't see
why I should restrict me
as long as I'm
not harming anybody

I can guarantee
you make me very happy
but I am locked
in a golden aviary

I can guarantee
my love is true and free
only I didn't see
that it comes with a fee

My heart does not agree
that one person only
may have that
special bond with me

My heart does not agree
that I must shut out
people from my life
which I care for deeply

I hope that you see
why I am unhappy
although I love you
and you give me plenty

I hope that you see
why I need to break free
while I still need you
to have that special bond with me


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Publicado en el 31.10.2018.


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