Samoa Rider

Cupids last stand

Due to thorough observation,
patient waiting, concentration,
had he found the perfect match,
or at least - a promising sketch…
Studying his new opponents,
he waited for the perfect moments.
Calculating wind and distance,
not trusting in hurry - but in persistence…
Should he really go for this?
Create doom and despair or sweetest bliss?
Fusing gasoline and blaze,
not sure what waits behind the haze!
Fate had watched the ambuscade -
sent common passions as some aid.
Connected pathways in the distance,
showed detours ‘round the first resistance.
She stole rings from my coat of mail,
made sure it would precisely fail,
to protect my frozen skin -
With my worn out heart deep buried within.
Succeeded in the escapade,
to distract my dragon -
That renegade…
I stood unprotected
Your guard was long down
And your eyes reflected
My own fears to drown
Cupid prepared for the perfect crime,
Life took its turns, all he needed was time.
Dance would gladly help this complot,
to finish the felony – two souls with one shot!
Swirling and swaying, Dance set the decoy…
Caught our attention, so lost in the joy.
Aligned us in perfect harmony,
as a simple prey for loves archery.
He took a deep breath, he lifted his bow,
he focused his goal, ready to let the bolt go..
I saw your eyes widen, as the shot hit your chest.
Saw you whirl in defence, doing your utmost best
to take down the offender
 and I saw you succeed…
And I felt you surrender,
as you noticed – you bleed.
Now we’re both on the ground,
with blood on our hands.
And we stare at what we found
through the trickery of Dance.
Then a smile floods my soul,
as I notice the win:
Because cupids last bolt
had also broken my skin...

Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Samoa Rider.
Publicado en el 14.04.2019.


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