Heike Weinberg


Again and again I missed my train.
One hour to wait that I really hate.
Standing in the cold, knowing time is gold...
I felt blue. – What could I do?
Yes! Phones on my head! Dancing instead!
Joy flowed my heart and I dared to start.
I stopped to care if people stare
and let me fill with the music thrill,
electrifying every cell with this magic spell
that made me free - to dance in full ecstasy.
I became the groovy beat with its total heat
and the beauty flower with all its power
which bloomed to express all colours to excess.
Feelings flowed in heaps and gave me creeps.
In my intense trial I felt the cosmic smile,
gratefulness and grace about what´s taking place.
In the presence of the rock I forgot the clock.
And suddenly my train was coming through the rain.
Then I had to go but I really know:
I gave me five, there´s no wasted time when I fill it with life!!!


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