Karl-Konrad Knooshood

Mr. Strawman

Mr. Strawman, bring me a point,

Make it the crudest,

That I've ever coined,

Help me to ease it,

To cheeky cheesy,

Help me to kick,

Discussions all too easy,


Mr. Strawman, someone to use,

Get me the top up to smash and to bruise,

All the attempts of my adversary's refutation,

Help me make it scary, sca-sca-scary, so rude!,


Mr. Strawman, please let me succeed,

Till the opposite will bleed,

Abased and in abjection,

That gives me maximum satisfaction…,


Please turn on the point of me,

Mr. Strawman, please, please, please,

Mr. Strawman, let me be succeed!

See also: "straw man argument"
Siehe auch: "Strohmann-Argument"...
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