Ivan Sokac


I won’t know that I’m gone,

one day, when I am no longer here.

But even then while you sleep

I’ll place my head behind your lap, near,

and whisper what you already know –

“You mean the world to me, my dear.”


I won’t know  that I no longer exist

when the sun hides behind the shade,

when the day carries dreams, joy, happiness,

along with some rainy cloud,… afraid.

You know that it was all for us, here,

and you keep it in your heart, my dear.


I won’t see that teary eye of yours

but I’ll know when the wind brings the news,

when the audience leaves, when you are alone

how to lay my breath on your lips and kiss you tear.

It’s not eternity but only life,

so don’t be ever sad, my dear.

to my wife



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