Ndim Muhanad

An Arabian Lover..

I’m an Arabian lover..
I’m a sun chaser..
I’m a stars reader..
I’m a Cesars killer..
I’m a poor poet..
I’m a day dreamer..
I dreamt of a pearl..
In a shape of a woman..
Lies beneath..
A cursed angle sculpture..

I woke up,
I crossed the seven seas..
I lost in your eyes..
I lived a thousand lives..
To love you,
A thousand times..
I found myself falling into you..

I’m a sinner..
Love is a sin..
I’m a saint..
For you..
I have sold my soul..
I’m a god..
No one can judge me..

In a fifty thousand years..
I cursed my days..
A fifty thousand times..
I fell and raised..
I loved and hated..

I loved you,
I couldn’t hate you anymore..
I met the old myths..
Near the far horizon..
There I stood..
Envied the devil..
He is not any of your slaves..
I was,
I still,
I will always be..

Who am I?
I’m living in a lie..
I’m a knight of the desert..
I’m an immortal sinner..
I’m an Arabian lover..



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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 18.07.2006.


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