Joseph Trance

The place in the stripes

When the body of Jesus was beaten for me,
spaces were made for the darkness I see.
Depression, frustration, anger and hate,
Can all be deposited into the grate;
In the place made by his stripes.
Where could I put the death of my son,
on my years in high school
that weren't much fun?
Where could I put the mess of my life
all my piles of papers, my failures my strife?
Where could I put every thought that I had,
every word said in anger,
every action that's bad?
Where can I put the datk things I did,
the things I have hidden, that I cry out to rid
my soul of?
I carry the blackness around in my heart, looking for places so they can depart from the soul
I was given stained from the start.
But because of the stripes,
that He took on for me,
right before going to Calvary,
I can take all the darkness
and the darkness to be
and throw it into His spaces and truly be free.
By His stripes I am healed
in every part of my life,
I believe that it's done a
so ends my strife.

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Publicado en el 27.06.2020.


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