Alina Rahner

That´s me

When I look around

I just can hear the echo of my inner sound.

Like the song of the wind whistling through the wood

Where I used to explore the nature in my childhood.


I’m an outdoor person,

Living sportive,

Being active

As a swimmer,

A biker,

A dancer,

A climber.

Going on, never stop,

reach the top.


I climb the highest mountains,

Higher and higher and higher,

Standing on the top, feeling free

Is my greatest desire.


When I’m not outside

I’m asking myself what to do.

So why shouldn’t I do,

What I do best

And help someone when they can’t

Help themselves?

I am here for you when you need me.

I am reliable, you can trust me,

You can open up to me.

Together we set our thoughts free,

Like birds breaking out of their cages.

I will protect your feelings as if they were mine,

Never want to hurt you in ages.


I defend who I am,

Won’t let you bring me down,

Speak out of my mind and discuss my views of the world.

I’m an openminded person,

Accepting everyone the way they are.

I think you should love who you love,

Not minding about,




Or ethnicity,

Even if the society doesn’t always agree.


That’s me!


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Publicado en el 11.04.2021.


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