Ndim Muhanad

Some of my own words..

Sitting in front of my window..
Trying to finish my usual coffee..
Looking at some people occupying my street..
There she was..
With her pretty eyes..
I left my coffee on my wooden table..
I wore my black shirt..
I locked my door..
Went to start my day..
I saw a ring in her finger..
I saw a fake smile drawn at her face..
I saw her beautiful lips..
I would do anything to taste them..
Walking slowly,
Try to catch up her paces..
I looked at my sun..
I heard its whisper..
Went to tell her some of my own words..
-Excuse me miss,
-Haven’t we meet before?
[was my first]..
*I don’t think so..
-There is something about you..
[was my next]..
*What do you mean?
-Wanna have a drink..
[was my start] ..
-Maybe you will know..
-What I’m talking about..
*I’m sorry..
*My man is waiting me..
-I envy your man..
[was my sin]..
-You got some beautiful eyes..
[was my charismatic]..
*I got to go..
The days passed..
I still charmed by her beauty..
I tried to forget..
I couldn’t handle not to regret..
The days passed..
I found myself fallen into her..
I became a lover..
I wrote some of my own words..
I wrote my passions..
I wrote my fears..
I live for you..
[was my fate]..
I miss you..
[was my best]..
Why I just can’t be with you..
Why are you faking your smiles..
Does he love you as I do..
Does he care about you as I do..
I love your pains..
[was my choice]..
I love you..
[was my favorite]..
Lie at me..
I will love you..
Lie and say that you love..
I will love you more..
Hurt me..
I will keep on loving you..
I love you, still..
[was my last]..
These were,
Some of the my own words I said..
I hate you..
[was my only lie I know]..
© 2006


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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 31.07.2006.


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