Ndim Muhanad

A Gentle Liar..

   Would you want me to teach you some of my favorite

Do you wanna know..
How to lie..

Do you wanna learn..
How to fake a smile..

Would you want me to show you..
How to,
Break a heart..

Would you wanna know..
How to be,
A gentle liar..

It always starts..
With a fake smile..

Just use the magic of your lips for a while..
Dont worry..
It wont hurt much..
They always slay..
Just like a gypsy toxic..

Follow your smile..
A colorful lie..

lick your lips..
give them some glow..

Lie and say,
That I miss the way you smile..

Lie and say that..
I miss the taste of your lips..

Lie and say..
That I miss you..

These were some of the ways to break a heart..
This is how I proudly broke yours..

I like to lie..
Im a liar..
I lie with every breath I take..
My lips lie..
They say the sweetest lies..

For that you loved me..
You loved my lies..
You loved the taste of my lips..
You loved the risk in kissing them..
I mean,
In believing their lies..

Like a poison they were..
So effective and fast..

So smooth you were..
So deep inside..

Im the ladies man..
Im the new Casanova..
Im somehow a cheater..

Would like to hear more..

Would you like to know,
I have used you..
I have kissed many..
I have been with others..

Its me..
Im just a gentle liar..

I know that..
Your eyes fallowed me..

I know that..
You liked me..

I know that..
You thought of me..

I know that..
You loved me

I know that..
I lied at you..

I know that..
I cheated on you..

I know that..
I made you cry..

I know that..
I made you scream..

I know that..
You hate me..

I know that..
You miss me..

I know that..
I love the way you smile..

I know that..
I love you..
Love you, still..

Babe girl,
Dont hate me..
Im just that good..

Im a gentle lair..
Im a painless lover..

I dont cry..
I dont even regret..

Who am I..
Im living a lie..
A lie that I said..
A lie that I believed..
That a liar can be gentle..



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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 25.08.2006.


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