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Ego the guck is SINCLAIR ???

November 2022

Last Werk I stayed in Arkansas for 3 nights in a hotel. It was very difficuöt to find one because already before my arrival they started to corrupt ALL hotelcompanies.
the onmybone that they had not manages to corrupt was a hotelcompany I have been staying several times in the last years and they always were helpful in this persecurion situation.

However. Seen in each hotelschain nowadays in the housekeeping is always infiktrates someone feom a secret bug position but just in case needed i nonetheless have always onmy a certain degree of security.

But a few days after my departure something weird happened. Already on my day of departure itself.

Someine communicated to Mr Clinton .
Clinto.she is insane .she refuses your invitation.

I never received an invitation by the family Clinton. I only had visited the Clinton library in Little Rock but I had for sure no invite to the former presidential family.

So I found it very weird to hear the ticket seller of greyhound in little roxk communicating something like that.

The next weird thing was that someone told Inwould have prostituted myself and then MARRIED in the SHERATON MARRIOT a person named Sinclair with surename.

I NEVER stayed at a Sheraton hotel in my entire life.

And except the Marriot  Bonvoy Houston which I really can recommend ans where I stayes for 1 night and day after peesecution by grey black white haired cursing old ladies and stealing teenagers.

i would not stay in Marriott hotels because Marriott is owned by the Secret Agencies and the favoured hotel of state agents when they need a stay.

So.. Who the FUCK is Sinclair???

And why do some fuxked up people believe I would have mareiws a peeson wirh that surename?????
And this in a place I have not even stayed???

It becomes contineously more absurd.

as well I am still waiting for thr promised post that accumukated in malcesine eversince june 2021.
alberto giramo ti had peomised me already to let me have it for last week thursday but then he was given one appointment aftet the next and he forgot to take my post he after 1 month asking him he finally had collected qirh him to make me photos and to send me all that accumulated.

so I still wait for it.

I will of course publish when i finally have all my letters the exact letters and list of it so that everyone who tried to send me post to italy theoughout june 2021 up to now knows whether it was referred to me or not at all.
in case there was sth important by the way..EVERYONE knows that alberto is sustaining me and is in contact with me.they could always have told him... 

So.. Where is the exact hole in the communication chain?

I am working on an entire chapter about the italian post and my experiences with them and all involved whichbtakes a while but will be published of course. 

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