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Financial Separation Laws
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Financial Separation Laws: Unspoken.
The freedom to choose with who we get along impaired & restricted.
To blame our wishful thinking, but never the profiteers of said laws. 
Financial Separation Laws: Unexplained.
Turning individual reasoning against the entire populace. Confuse & dominate.
To blame is our lack of money, as therapists & coaches insist money solves all.
Financial Separation Laws: Unwanted.
The legitimacy stemming from the threat of no money without foul play.
To blame are those, who still want to fund their life, not the pay-cutters.
Financial Separation Laws: Unbearable.
From start to finish making it impossible to live inborn rights at all. Ever.
An overpaid elite still pretending `us masses´ would in truth want that.
Financial Separation Laws: Unmasked.
The repressive regime motivated by keeping the elite overpaid for sure.
Another dilemma easily unleashed, but hard to remedy and undo. True.

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Publicado en el 12.03.2023.


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