Drazen Boskic

The last thing from UNDERNEATH IN THERE



A Chubby Tale
A Crazy Match
Adrian’s Waves
Alto’s Path
Drowning Strangers
Give A Little Break
In The Spring Time
Snowflakes From Chevalier
Sweets For Alexandra
Underneath In There




Thank to Planuska (you may be laughing at me from one of the clouds, but I am good as long as I know you look after me, my love for you is greater than the pain you left us with), Tomás (all my love to you, we’re sure stronger than all the storms that liked to shake the cloud we’re in) Mum, Dad, Sandra, Luka, Dunja, Slavko, Cocco (it must be I even have you as one of the line on my hand palm) Martijn Phillipaart for sharing his garden with me, Aline (the greatest artist woman from Greece to here), Marcello (I’m still wearing you as a brooch on my heart), Paula for all the years that we travel heart to heart),Renate (Cherry, I hope you know I am constantly feeling you), F. Mehhout (working with you really was a fun!), Lucien (a devil you must love!), Mina, Esko (your accordion really knows how to rock the universe), Jo, you are always on my mind.





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