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------ The often tedious path to a GOOD MOOD -----


Signs can be:
- It gets loud
- You insult yourself ... often with nasty words
 - There are threats ... e.g. to pour drink on your counterpart

But now be careful and bad verbal - let alone physical - arguments under any circumstances -Avoid freak out! ! Even the most harmless and short statements can quickly become escalating speech explosives! So learn, ideally, not to say anything during this phase - to swallow down annoyance. Definitely not easy, but it's worth it. Because it will soon be in sight again, the:

Here "the world" looks different again. And you have more strength again for the next quarrel; because he will definitely come. This is how the cycle of life closes... ;-) Anyone who has reached it again is well off. Laughing, singing and flirting (just to name a few) are not far off. When you are in a good mood, you approach others more easily and pleasantly. It's really not worth jeopardizing these over trivialities. Positive feeling is also poison for depressives and a bacillus that is contagious. If necessary, ask troublemakers to stop their bad mood or to make the mosquitoes so that you stay in a good mood yourself. Because getting a good mood is often easier than keeping it longer.

In any case, it worked for me:
 I sang in a good mood in the kitchen and she came along with irrelevant negative sh... Threatened to torpedo my already great after-getting-up feeling. She had the choice: Either to sing along or to go away ...

So nurture and maintain a good mood and fight for it so that our existence remains a pony farm as long as possible ...


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