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AUGUSTUS aka August II. (Some sci-fi fun and seriousness)


Here is a brief synopsis:


General Randy (sophisticated ex-scientist with megalomaniacal Roman flair) overthrows corrupt, incompetent world government and becomes "first Roman emperor of the modern era":
Just "AUGUSTUS alias August II."

Then there is a lot of STRESS, FIGHT AND FUN, among other things

- Group leader like his future wife Sylvana (a beautiful, classy full woman)

- the “common people”

- and leader Spartacus II

- like his lover “Mucki” (mannish woman and power woman)

- a giant asteroid

- etc., etc. ...


A corrupt and incompetent world government is ended by a special kind of military coup. The most powerful man on earth is now General Randy. A sophisticated ex-scientist with megalomaniacal Roman flair. He and his vassals declare the back and forth of global democracy to be over and the general has his army proclaim him the "first Roman emperor of the modern era", "Augustus alias August II.".

He allows the already existing great robot potential to be increased globally until robots are able to carry out all menial and mediocre jobs. Only they are responsible for the logistics/supply of the world's many inhabitants. People only carry out the management tasks of all departments worldwide. At first it sounds like paradise: billions of people no longer need to work for the first time in their lives. But it is clear to Augustus II and his clique that these masses have to be occupied elsewhere so that they don't get crooked ideas.

So he has “bread and circuses” proclaimed everywhere. "I will feed and entertain you! - if you want, until the end of days." And crowds everywhere cheered him on. "There will be gladiator fights again and a lot of "wine, women and singing" or sex, music and dancing everywhere... and all completely for free," he continued to let the astonished world community know.

August II and his court entered Rome with great pomp. Rome is now the capital of the world again. The "Roman Emperor of the Modern Age" then had amphitheaters and numerous buildings like the "Circus Maximus" and "Colloseum" built in all centers of the world. The gladiators were recruited from criminals, opponents of the emperor, those who insulted the emperor, volunteers and the many who absolutely did not want to wear Roman clothing.
After years of fighting, a gladiator who called himself Spartacus II suddenly appeared...

The world couldn't have been more beautiful: billions of people lived largely in peace, hardly needed to work and had a lot of fun. Augustus II was at the height of his power and the darling of the masses.

But one day August II - the ex-scientist - received the following bad report from his astronomers or from "Space Watch":

A huge asteroid will almost certainly hit Earth in 50 years! ! Some advisors whispered to him: "And it is uncertain whether we will be able to eliminate or distract him in time."

Emperor Augustus alias August II: "Well, since we can't protect or save 8 billion people, I just have to decide. And I'm choosing...: "The rich, the beautiful and famous of this world... moment...and also for me, my court and all the elites who run the robots everywhere. And, ladies and gentlemen, of course it stays between us - otherwise you will die in the arena. Is that clear !?"
"Hail Augustus! Salve Augustus! Long live August II!"

Over time, Augustus II now has everything occupied and secured by his favorites - the rich, beautiful and prominent of this world... (for a moment... and for myself) his court and all the elites who have robots everywhere lead, promises protection and rescue in the event of an asteroid impact. Like there would be:

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

1) The "Earth Response Group"

(Head of the group:

"Rad-Ab" - an arrogant cyborg who repeatedly lets fully organic people seeking protection know how weak and stupid they are compared to him...)

The "Earth Response Group" includes:

- Bunker section

They build systems deep underground or in large rock masses

- High rise/skyscraper section

They think they can survive well there, at least on higher floors

- Mountain section

Similar to the opening act, it relies on sufficient height (of the mountains) if, among other things, enormous storm surges and fire rollers were to circle the earth.

- Cyborg section

She says to herself, we want to protect ourselves too, but we don't want to have to hide somewhere. We stay with both feet on the earth, but extremely protected. A cyborg whose electronics are waterproof and flame-retardant should be ready for series production well before the big crash
-------------------------------------------------- ----------

2) The “Water and Underwater Response Group”

(Head of the group:
First Sylvana, a beautiful, full-blooded woman that all men can have. She knows it and makes good use of it. But when the work in the sections didn't progress properly, because the beautiful one was more interested in birding. Emperor August II brought her to his court. As his wife, Sylvana still can't help it and also fucks the court to a large extent. Finally, the beauty also gets to know "Mucki" intensively, the ex of Spartacus II ... )

The "Water and Underwater Response Group" includes:

- Noah's Ark section

With very large surface units - similar to the legendary Noah's Ark, only much more modern - these people want to survive

- Mega Nuclear Submarines Section

They seek their salvation here in huge nuclear-powered submarines - which can remain under water for years

- Underwater Cities section

She thinks this is the best way to survive and finally sees a chance for this special way of life

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

3) The “Space Response Group”

(Head of the group:

"Modal", a billionaire and neo-Roman general who leads this group until he learns that Spartacus II wants to throw him to the wild animals in the arena. Modal quickly poisons himself and has his plastinated body shot into space... )

The "Space Response Group" consists of:

- Spaceship section

It is sufficient for them to be drifting somewhere in space at the time of the crash or to be heading for smaller targets

- Space station section

Similar to the spaceship section, drift in space or position yourself firmly

- Moon Colony Section

The main thing is to get away from the earth...

- Mars flight section

Many enthusiasts are happy that this is finally happening

- And as a “special (survival) gag”:
If you die before the big impact, you can have yourself (targeted) shot as a plastinated corpse to other suns and planets - so perhaps (at least in this way) you can reach aliens at some point and become a big number there as a dead person at the latest...

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

But one day the "common people" also found out about their emperor's fraud. It didn't take long before the Spartacus II revolt broke out (so history repeats itself...). He led the masses and they stormed everything where "the rich, the beautiful and the famous of this world... (wait...and the emperor and his court) and all the elites who lead the robots everywhere" gathered had.

Finally, all impact protection areas and objects were divided fairly (fifty-fifty): half with “common people” and the other half with the “rich, beautiful and famous, etc.”.

Spartacus II and his followers also conquer Rome!

Then he makes a fatal mistake: he falls out with his lover "Mucki" -  a mannish woman and power woman, as it is written in the book! She even manages to get SpartacusII arrested by his own loyal followers and shot by rocket onto the moon, to one of the many impact protection lunar colonies. Then Mucki takes command of the gladiator army and the common people until everything becomes too much and too stupid for her and she runs away with Sylvana, the emperor's wife.

The Emperor himself isn't doing so well - he could easily be jealous of Sylvana because:
One day the victor - the common people - fills all the ranks of the Colosseum, while Augustus alias August II and his court have to fight against each other and against animals. Suddenly the announcement in the Colosseum area: "Attention, attention! The asteroid has just reached the atmosphere and is about to impact. Attention, attention! The asteroid has just ... "

Everyone became deathly pale, sat or stood frozen in terror and looked up at the sky, expecting the end...
Not a huge asteroid, but a small dirt-snow meteorite suddenly crashed into the Colosseum with full force. Everything and everyone was initially covered in snow and dirt. When most of the people had freed themselves from it, a huge laugh rang out that spread more and more and became more and more violent.

And also in the numerous bunkers, high-rise buildings, underwater cities, water and space ships, etc., such as on the moon (only Spartacus II cried violently here) and Mars, there was only liberating laughter when they heard about the mini-impact in Colosseum.

The laughter was even registered in space by aliens, who were eventually infected by it and laughed as exotically as possible...



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