Rolph David

Beware of Gas Lighters!

Beneath the veil where shadows creep,
A warning tale, in silence seep.
Gas lighter's whisper, a toxic art,
A twisted game that tears apart.

Beware the one with silver tongue,
Whose words like snakes, deceit among.
In subtle schemes, he weaves a thread,
To cloud your thoughts, where reason bled.

A puppeteer, with hands unseen,
He pulls your strings, a wicked sheen.
In subtle whispers, doubts arise,
A haunting web of darkened lies.

Gas lighter’s flame that dances bright,
Yet burns your soul in endless night.
With unseen hands, a wicked play,
He pulls your strings in shadows' sway.

He sows the seeds of doubt within,
Where clarity once dwelt therein.
A labyrinth of false dismay,
In shadows, trust begins to fray.

Question not the strength you hold,
For gas lighter's grip, it takes its toll.
In mirrored mazes, lost you'll be,
As he destorts your reality.

Guard your heart, your mind, your core,
Against the ones who seek much more.
For in the web of dark illusion,
They crave dominion, no confusion.

So heed this verse, this cautionary,
A plea to those, in love or worry.
Stand strong against the gas lighter's art,
Don’t keep his flame within your heart.

Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Rolph David.
Publicado en el 17.11.2023.


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