Rolph David

The Gambler's Misstep! - Macron's Fallacy!

Emmanuel, heed this tale of woe,
A lesson from history's undertow.
Once stood a leader, bold in might,
Called elections fast, to set things right.

A hasty move to quash the foe,
Yet Germany's past, the tale does show.
Schröder’s ploy, in desperate light,
Brought Merkel’s rise, and long-held sight.

Now in France, the stage is set,
Le Pen ascends, with goals well met.
Thirty percent, the vote does cry,
Macron’s gamble left to dry.

A mirror held, no foresight keen,
Politics shift to harsh and mean.
The Union trembles from Brexit's cast,
Hungary nails the coffin fast.

A nation’s future in balance lies,
Governance slips beneath these skies.
Emmanuel, this warning take to heart,
For rash decisions tear apart.

Europe watches, breath held tight,
France approaches crucial night.
Let history’s lessons light your way,
Lest France and Union go astray.

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Publicado en el 01.07.2024.


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