Rolph David

The Waltons' Hymn of Yesteryears

Through days of hardship on Virginia's hills,
The Waltons' homestead stood in steadfast grace,
A haven where our hearts could find their stills,
Though scarcity's cold hand left want's harsh trace.

With planks of oak, the house was built with pride,
John Boy, the dreamer, penned his heartfelt lines,
Elizabeth, the youngest, by his side,
Her laughter bright, a spark in leanest times.

Olivia, the matron, firm yet kind,
Her faith unshaken through the darkest days,
With John, the father, strong of heart and mind,
Together guiding through the murk and haze.

The old and wise, dear Grandpa Sam would weave,
His stories through the night, where dreams reside,
A guide to days gone by, where thoughts would cleave,
His wisdom lifting burdens, light supplied.

As seasons turned and brought their varied hues,
Each Walton weathered storms with quiet might,
Their love a sturdy raft in tempest’s views,
Their bonds a testament to life’s true light.

Though times were tough and dreams were sometimes blurred,
Their spirits soared, a testament to will,
In unity, their voices always heard,
In memories, they linger with us still.

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Publicado en el 10.07.2024.


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