Sebastian Pillkowsky

Blind people walking

                                      Blind people walking                                  
I love you
 You love me in a way whatever
 That knows only the weather
We are more than just good friends
 Is this how the story ends?

Now I walk alone the lonely road
 And think about you
 Hope you think of me too?
 I can`t say the truth
 I love you more than life
 That would be wrong
 So we keep it on our sides

Just think about the follows
 We have a relationship
 Wouldn`t that be a nice trip? 
On the coldest of January nights
 We sit together side by side
 Just you and me
 On the railway
 And we watch the planes go flying by
We fly north, we fly west
 We would never rest
 But here we are
 And that`s all for now
 We are friends
 I love you
 I know you love me too
 Why don`t you say a word?

                                                        The answer is simple and cold:
                                                              Maybe baby we are blind


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Sebastian Pillkowsky.
Publicado en el 21.11.2006.


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