Sonja Nic Rafferty

Wild Lupins

When we were children in a dream far away,
We went for a stroll, nowhere special to stay.
Nowadays most kids are richer, have plenty of games,
But somehow we were cheerful, not much to claim!
I had an old bicycle, self painted mouse-grey (remnant colour!),
Today bikes have to be technically perfect, no other way!
A little girl with scratched knees, who was me,
Focused the railway embankment to see.
When dawn sparks were dancing before her eyes
She picked wild violet lupins in early sunrise
To put secretly on her mother´s working table
A huge bouquet of flowers, now a 44 years old fable!
Before Mum had to take the train much too early
Shift-working in a factory that was quite smelly.
Many times I went to the railway lines,
Rexi, our family´s Alsatian always guarded just fine.
Once both were surprised by a thunderstorm in the afternoon,
Their fears were enormous, they waited bravely for good fortune.
I remember a certain winter at those icy lakes,
I borrowed my cousin´s pair of skates for chasing snowflakes.
Neighbour´s boy Axel fell into the cold water,
Men rescued him with a ladder, what a theatre!
My modern pupils go skiing on the mountains´ tracks,
Summer time is fun on the rivers in a two-seater kayak.
Swimming was another adventure in our village´s mud-bath,
I came out with nettle-rash, looking like a plectognath.
You never can find places like my childhood ones,
Up-to-date swimming pools are clean and neatly done.
I am in the age of an own biography to tell my descendants
Smiling about the wooden seats in trains as common materials,
How often we jumped off the train or stepped over the railway lines?
Much too dangerous, but we survived and still feel fine!
Nobody knew about TV, computers and other techniques,
We built our own games, played with marbles and used dynamics.
Society somehow is better off in present time and somehow not!
Nowadays I know more of a genus, called fusspot!
Anyway, we do not have another time to choose,
Last week was my 54th birthday, I was pretty amused,
When my daughter gave me violet lupins,
My childhood flowers, in past times so often I had seen.
I can plant them in my garden for memories,
Carefully next to my bush of blackberries.
Blackberries? By the way, that´s another story!
I´m tired! What do you mean? Hunky-dory?!

© Sonja Nic Rafferty ~ June 2002


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Sonja Nic Rafferty.
Publicado en el 09.10.2004.


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