Sven Calmon

Hold on this moment forever.

Hold on this moment forever.
Hold on this moment forever
I put my arms around you and now we stand here together.
Your lips come close to mine.
A flash shot trough my body, is that a sign?
I wish this kiss will never end.
What’s up with me I can’t  understand.
I never felt like this before.
I want get from you much more.
I think I’m falling in love with you.
I can’t believe it is it true?
We need a break to take breath is this the end?
No, I see it in your eyes and I take your hand.
You have such a beautiful smiling
And when I look in your face the sun is always shining.
I say to you, I’ll never leave you and that’s the truth.  
And you say to me I love you and I’ll never leave you too.
I’m so glad that you feeling too.
Someone said: The love is everywhere and that’s true.
Sven Calmon©


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Sven Calmon.
Publicado en el 18.11.2007.


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