Sivapria Bharadwaj


Hi, Iam Emiley, Emiley Wilson this is my story.

Iam from Newyork but my dad keeps moving from one place to the other like a nomad, he will get into such type of business every year. Now we are moving from Newyork to London. I gonna miss all my friends here. Starting every year in a new school really frustrates me. I feel like entering in to a new world of criticism. Anyway, I am used to that.

There is one thing, which makes me happy this time. I can meet my dream

guy. Yeah! I mean I always dream about one thing- dancing with my favorite star. Let me explain you, in my dream, Iam, in pretty pink dress, wearing a lovely locket, in a big beautiful ballroom, dancing with Jack, the famous teenage movie star!!!!! He is studying in the same college where I will join after stepping in London. Isn't it amazing!!! I know its just a dream and I don't expect it to come true anyway except the thing about the lovely locket, and that is real because I own it and it is my all time favorite.

Well Iam pretty impressed with London streets, they are so tidy, I don't mean that Newyork streets are not clean or anything but I liked London and the view from my room is awesome. Ok! Its due to the superb house of our neighbors. As far as my room is concerned its all the same boring one with no extra light of chandelier, no satin cloth bed in circle shape, its not large and spacious and not even my room is in my favorite colors. I do know that my parents cannot offer all those besides I can create my own world with all these Jack Tucker posters that I brought all along from Newyork to London.

Mom couldn't make any delicious food tonight because she was busy with unpacking and all. Moreover, Iam just putting my efforts to look great on my first day at college tomorrow, as I'll meet Jack!!!!!!

I went to college by bike. I met a girl called Jessica in the parking lot. She is kinda weird I mean she wore big round spectacles on her nose, she had thick curly hair and she totally appeared like not-fashionable type. Nevertheless, why do I care she is fashionable or not????

She was like "Hi. Are you a freshman?"

I said "Oh! Hi. Yes, Iam Emiley Wilson. Nice to meet you."

She said "Iam Jessica, Jessica Hudgeon. Nice to meet you too.

By the way I like your dress."

Me "Thank you."

Jessica asked me "so, did you find in which section you got in to?"

I was like "no?"

She said "Well. I am on my way. Wanna accompany me?"

Me "oh! I wanna come but I have the other things on my mind. So-"

She smiled and said "Its ok. I didn't mind. See ya. Bye."

Me "see ya."

I stepped into my new class during maths period. While our maths professor introduced me to the class, I rolled my eyes all through the classroom to spot Jack but I couldn't find him, I guess he is not in my section. I wanted to sit in the second bench but the guy beside it put his bag on it while the other girl spilled jam on the fifth bench. Jeez!!! Why do these people act like a bunch of crooks whenever they see a freshman???

Time god! I found Jessica in my section. She moved in, giving me some place to sit by her side. Well she is nice. She even helped me writing notes.

Professor asked "… how much percent of interest does the customer should pay?....anybody?"

She was very quick and answered "twelve percent sir." Jeez!! I didn't even hear the question properly. She is damn good!

Meanwhile in the lunch break---

Jessica "hey Emiley! Why don't you sit with me?"

Me "oh! Thank you. Its so sweet of you."

I am glad she invited me or else I would have ended up sitting alone in one of the corners of the canteen because I made no friends except Jessica!!!!

Me "hey Jes! Are we only two at this table? This means do u sit alone daily?"

Jes "no! I mean there's a guy with me"

Me "guy??!! Boyfriend?"

Jes "come on! How can a girl like me have one?! He's just a friend. Best friend. Trust me when I say he's not like the other guys. He is really very nice, kind and calm going."

I was just going to contradict her on the fact that even a girl like her can have a boyfriend infact she is no less than the other girls in the class. I though accept the fact that she is not very pretty but she is very good at heart at least far better than the girl who spilled the jam to stop me to sit beside her. However, she didn't give me the chance and went like "Oh there he is. He's coming."

Jes pointed to a handsome coming this way. He has really good looks but not as good as, you know! Jack! When he came to sit with us, Jes introduced me to him.

Jes "Emiley this is Sam and Sam this is Emiley Wilson from Newyork. She is a fresh man and she is in my section."

He stared at me for a minute or two and he was like "Sam Madison. So you are from Newyork" stretching his hand towards me. I shook it saying the casual greeting.

Then Jes went like "Emiley, do you have a boyfriend?"

Me "um! No!"

Sam looked at me in a flash and was like

"And why is that? I mean you are too beautiful for not having a boyfriend"

Me "oh thanks for saying that I am beautiful but I didn't have any boyfriend and I can't tell you why because I don't know"

Sam "so you say it's just like that."

Me "Hmm! may be I don't make friends easily."

Sam "I don't agree with it. You made two friends on your first day itself."

Jes "guys! Give it a rest."

Me "I am actually a great fan of Jack Tucker and I was searching for him since morning and I couldn't find him except that all his pictures were pasted on the college walls!!"

Jes "Em! Jack is senior and you know he is a party guy. Moreover, you cannot expect such kinda person to attend the classes."

Me "and why is his posters all over the college walls?"

Jes "Hmm!! It's the act of fans….like you. Trust me he is the most desirable person in the college."

Me "don't you people like him?"

Sam "no"

Me "why?"

Sam "because he is arrogant"

Me "arrogant???"

Sam "he acts like one."

Jes "come on you can easily say that. Let's see the fact like- who is his girl friend- LANA PARKANIER!!"

Me "who's Lana Parkanier?"

Jes "the girl who spilled jam on the bench where you wanted to sit."

JACK HAS A GIRL FRIEND!!!!! It really embarrassed me.

Me "Jes I have finished and I'll wait for you at the wash room"

On my way to wash room-

Lana "hey look who's going!! Y-e-m-a-l-i-e-y from 'newoak' no I think its 'newarc' no its 'newyak'"

Me "can't you pronounce Newyork?"

Then Lana and her friends went like "Oooooooo!!!"

Lana "she got guts! let me see… oops!!! Did I spoil your lovely dress?"

She just stuck her ice cream cone on my shirt and the cone looked like it protruded from my front. Every one burst out with laughter. Tears rushed down my cheeks and I quickly got in to wash room so that no one can notice. But the last thing I heard Lana scream is

"oh! She's crying! Little baby!!!"

After some time I heard footsteps towards washroom door and I know its Jessica.

Jes "I know what happened. Come out I wanna talk to you."

Me "no problem, I'm fine. I'm going home now, I will meet Sam and you tomorrow ok!"

Jes "ok! Don't think about it….. ok!"

Jessica is nice, she IM (instant message) d me after reaching home. Even Sam worried about me a lot. Really, I made such good friends.

Next day at college ---

Sam "are you ok?"

Me "yeah! Thanks, to both of you, for showing concern,"

Jes "it's ok"

After the class, I saw Jack finally. He is as appealing as I find him in the films. He's in the canteen with his fellow friends. I wanted to go to him and talk to him but I remained staring at him but he didn't notice me. Then Jes went like "Em! Don't eat your locket and come with me. There's new news in the notice board." I realized that my locket is between my lips and I immediately put it down hurrying after her.









Me "Gosh! I always wanted to be an actress."

Jes "still I don't think you can have a chance"

Me "why? I mean I am good at acting"

Jes "may be, but Lana will take over the female lead. Every time we see her playing the lead in the musicals. Besides, jack will be the main icon and trust me, their chemistry works! Even if she's not selected jack will recommend her, after all, every one wants to see jack in the play including directors. So Lana is all-time heroine of the plays."

Sam "but we can have a new heroine this year. Can't we? I mean, come on Jes!! let her try. I am sure she'll beat Lana."

Me "thanks Sam"

Jes "since when did you start looking at notice boards?"

Sam "I didn't come to see notice; I came to see you two."

Jes "jerk!!"

Me "come to my house for dinner, both of you. I would like to introduce you to my family."

Jes "ok!"

Me "8pm"

Sam "don't worry we will be there."

Me "alright."

Mom prepared pie as special dish along with French fries for dinner. I think my friends gonna enjoy it. Here they come!!!! When I opened the door, Jessica greeted me with a hug. Sam got beautiful flowers for my mom. Mom just loved them. It's so sweet of him; by the way, he's looking very cool in suit. I couldn't take my eyes off him. While dinner, we learned that Jessica's parents live in Texas and both are divorcees. Sad for Jes!!! Sam is alone….. You know what I mean. He said that he loves baseball. My dad loves baseball too. Do all guys are alike??!! I never liked baseball. I feel it's very boring and stupid!!!! But guess what?!! Sam and dad got deeply immersed in conversation about these baseball players. He made my dad totally comfortable. Moreover, he helped mom in washing dishes too. Jeez!!!! Sam spent most of the time with my parents and finally came to my room where Jessica and I are listening to music and talking about Jack.

Sam "God!!!! I never saw these many jack posters in one single room."

Me "why don't you join us?"

Sam "so you love Jack?!!!"

Me "I can't tell you"

Sam "so you do."

Jes "Sam! Give it a rest………….. So do you?"

Jeez!!!! Jes!!!!

Me "Hmmm! Kinda."


Meanwhile, next day Jack and his friends were riding bikes.

Tom "hey! Jack! Why don't we have a bet? Just a small one."

Jack "Fine. What's that?"

Tom "A race. From here to the college."

Jack "whose with me?"

Kevin "I do take part."

Jack "ok. What's the bet?"

Roger "the loser should give a party to celebrate the winner's success."

Kevin "you suck man!! Tom, plan is yours!!"

Tom "loser has to do what ever winner asks for."

Jack "great."

Roger "sounds fun."

Kevin "deal."

Kevin and Jack are ready at the crease line raising their bikes at the top of their speeds. When Tom blew the whistle, there was a thick dust cloud and they both were gone, before everything was visible again. The remaining started chasing them on their bikes. All the bikes are rushing towards college with great speeds. Jack's ahead of Kevin. One mile left to reach college. While taking the right turn, Jack lost control and he fell over. Kevin WON!!

All of them ran to Kevin and congratulated him, even Jack.

Kevin "so."

Jack "so?"

Kevin "I won"

Jack "what can I do if my bike skids?!!!"

Kevin "but still you lost."

Jack "fine."

Roger "Ask for the party."

Kevin "Bullshit."

Tom "Say something challenging."

Kevin "ya! Ya! I have some thing in my mind. Get the new girl."

Jack "what?!!!"

Kevin "simple. Make the new girl to fall in love with you."

Tom "yes!! Before senior prom."

Jack "what about Lana?"

Kevin "come on man! You don't even love her. Why do you care about her? Besides you can't reveal this to anybody till prom."

Jack "who's the new girl."

Kevin "she is fresh man. Don't worry I'll show her. She is pretty."

Jack "so you want me to do it."

Kevin "yes, only that."

Jack "you got it man!!!"

Roger "can we party now???"

Tom "Damn!!!"

Roger "just the beer?"

Kevin "shut your ass."

Next day in the lunch break---

Jack "where is she?"

Kevin "that blue skirt at the….." Jack looked at her and went like

"Oooooooo! She is damn beautiful!!!!"

Kevin "I told you."

Tom "time to prove your acting talent."

Jack "ok Mr. President! Leave it to me." He turned to Roger who is eating with out any idea what his friends are talking about.

Jack "Roger! Stop eating and give me your plate."

Roger "what??!!!"

Kevin "go Jackie go!!!"

Roger "hey!!! I am eating. Why are you taking it away?"

Tom "stop irritating us. Roger."

Jack went straight to Emiley.


I was there at the stall buying some chocolate sandwich and juice for Jessica. Jessica and Sam are sitting at our usual place. I wasn't sure whether she asked for shake or juice, I wanted to ask her, when I turned, I suddenly bumped in to jack and the foodstuff in his plate fell all over my skirt.

Jack "I am so sorry. I am sorry...I didn't expect you to turn at the very moment…. I am so sorry I didn't mean to…"

I was stunned. Jack's talking to me. Jack's actually talking to me. JACK'S TALKING TO ME!!!!!!

I didn't answer him or anything. I just gazed at him as if I won't get any chance again. He was ripping the soup off my skirt.

Then I went like "no no! It's ok. It's ok."

Jack "I came to buy some cheese and you suddenly turned towards me and I was not expecting it so I….. I am sorry."

I still can't believe HE TALKED TO ME JUST NOW!!!!

Jack "I am Jack Tucker."

Me "I…I... Know. You are Jack."

Jack "so…?"

Me "oh I am sorry. I am Emiley Wilson."

I heard him saying under his breath some thing like "be-au-ti-ful" I wanted to hear it aloud. So, I asked him "what???"

Jack "um! Nothing."

Liar. I am sure he said beautiful before.

Jack "so coffee with me, after college hours?"

Aaaaarghhhh!!!!! Hey, wait a minute…he didn't talk to me since two months, right from my joining in this college!!!!! Then why coffee now????

Of course, I didn't ask him that but I was like "coffee?"

Jack "yeah! That's my way of saying sorry. And I know you are still angry with me. Is that the reason why you are not answering my invitation?"

Me "oh! Nothing. I'll come for sure."

Jack "Thank you! I'll see you after the last hour."

Oh my god, OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT HAPPENED JUST NOW????!!!!!!!

I went to Sam and Jessica to tell this news.

Me "guys! Guess what! Jack just talked to me."

Jessica "what??!!!!"

Sam "I saw. What was he about?"

Me "you can't believe it. He asked me for coffee after college hours."

Jessica "really??!!!!"

Sam "are you going?"

Me "of course."

Jessica "oh Emiley! You are so lucky."

Me "yeah Jes!!"

Sam "I have to go to computer club. Bye. I seeya later."

Jes and me were like "ok. Bye."

In the evening----------

I went to the café to meet Jack. Jack was already there waiting for me.

Jack "you are late."

Me "um! Sorry. Maths teacher didn't leave us."

Jack "thanks for coming."

Me "my pleasure"

Me "I saw your movies. All of them. You did a fabulous job."

Jack "thank you."

Jack "just a second."

Jack went to get coffee and some snacks. I still can't believe this is happening to me. Is this my dream?!!!! Gosh!! I can't believe this.

Jack "where do you live?"

Me "I am from Newyork"

Jack "made any friends?"

Me "ya. Jessica and Sam."

Jack "Sam? You mean my class mate Sam Madison?"

Me "yeah."

Jack "boy friend?"

Me "no. friend. I don't have any boy friends."

Jack "no?!!"

Me "no. I still didn't find the right one."

Jack "I am sure, some day you will."

Me "so, what you want to do next. I mean after college.'

Jack "Hmm!! The musical this year is very special one for me. Movie directors are coming to watch the show. If I can impress them. you can expect my movies in the theatres soon."

Me "wow! I would love to watch them too."

Jack "can you act?"

Me "yes I do. I have done many roles during my school days."

Jack "well, why don't you try the auditions tomorrow? I think you are perfect for the Juliet."

Me "do you think so?"

Jack "absolutely. Just show your talent on stage during auditions."

Me "gosh!! thanks."

Jack "it's ok. so did you forgive me?"

Me "it's been ages I did." I just smiled at him. Geez!!! He was not taking his eyes off me.

Jack "I had a very good time with you. I wish I could be here for some more time."

Me 'me too."

Jack "coffee with me again… some day? Huh?"

Me "yeah! Some day."

Jack "see you tomorrow at auditorium."

Me "sure. bye."

Jack "bye."

When I got home, Jessica was IM-ing me.

E=mc^2> hey?!! Emiley. How was your coffee date?"

new_ok> woah!!! Jack is a nice guy.

E=mc^2> what did you people talk about?"

New_ok> he was just staring at me. And he wants me to take part in the . auditions tomorrow. he said he would like to see me again.

E=mc^2> that's perfect.

New_ok> Jes!! Some one's ringing up. Gotta go.

E=mc^2> ok.

I picked up the phone and---

Me "hello."

The other voice "Emiley?"

Me "yeah. It's Emiley."

The other voice "it's me Sam."

Me "Sam?!!"

Sam "um! I just……..wanted to….huh…..I just wanted to ask…"

Me "yeah?"

Sam "I just wanted to ask…….how…..was….ah… was your…"

Me "how was?"

Sam "how was your ….um….preparation for the auditions tomorrow?"

Me "!!!!!.....I didn't prepare anything. Sam, you are wrong. Jack is a nice . person. He encouraged me for the tryouts tomorrow. Besides, he made . me very comfortable this evening. And he is not arrogant."

Sam "um! Ok. But he always behaves like that. Anyway, never mind. I am . sure, you will beat Lana tomorrow. good night."

Me "ok. Thanks. goodnight."

Ohhh! It was weird conversation we ever had. What's wrong with Sam??!! When I went back to the system. Jessica was not there.

E=mc^2> terminated.

But I got a new message. It's from JACK!!!!!!!

Jackrulz> all the best.



I didn't attend the morning section today. I was tensed about the auditions today.

I went to the auditorium. It was large and all seats are empty. The only people there were contestants, directors and our art professor, Amanda. She is 50 and still unmarried. She is huge and big stupid. I don't like her at all. Bad thing is that she will select the actors. Of course, the major part of it will be done by the members of the cultural club.

There she is, Lana, with her friends .Jack and his friends are seated in the cultural club member chairs beside Amanda. She is guiding the pianist. Gosh!! I found Jessica.

Jes "hi. Tensed?"

Me "very much."

Sam "stay cool. You can do it."

Me "hi Sam."

Amanda took the mike and announced.

Amanda "dear students. The first auditions are for the character Juliet. There are two contestants. When I call their names, please come on to the stage and then read out the lines given to you. After that, you have to sing a song. Any song is ok. Piano will accompany you. All the best girls."

Amanda "Miss Parkanier. You go first."

Lana shot an evil eye at me and went on to the stage. Her friends, screaming cheers for her. Jack's talking to Tom.

Amanda "go on dear."

Lana started "...Oh Romeo!!......"

Geez!!! She is excellent. She performed really well. Everyone just gazed at her.

Amanda "sing any song Miss Parkanier."

She sang "Barbie girl- aqua." Trust me when I say it was awful. She did acting part very well but her voice is certainly not for singing. Piano couldn't catch that beat because it's not piano type song.

Amanda "good!! Dear. You can go now. Miss Wilson?!!!"

I went on to the stage. Though the auditorium is empty, I felt a type of tingling sensation in my stomach. Amanda gave me my lines. I read them.

"..O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Deny the father and refuse thy name;……

Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,

And I will no longer be a Capulet………"

Gosh! That's pretty emotional dialogue. I noticed that not all the club members are paying attention to me. Jack is still talking to Tom. I eyed Jessica, she is talking to one of JACK FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! Sam….Sam….yeah there he is. He is looking at me.

Amanda "sing a song dear."

I looked at Sam again. He winked at me. I sang the "Don't move on" song from one of Lindsay Lohan movies. It's a slow song and piano added to its melody. All the heads in the theatre turned to me now. As soon as, I finished the song there was a huge applause.

Amanda "good. You both can leave and now auditions for Count Paris. There are four participants………"


When Emiley was singing, Jack and Tom were discussing this------

Jack "hey Tom. Listen."

Tom "what?"

Jack "I want you to do me a favor."

Tom "anything."

Jack "just mark Emiley for Juliet."

Tom "ok. But why."

Jack "so that I can have more time with her and I can win the bet."

Tom "cool. Hey! Remember. It's not totally in my hands. I'll mark her but the final decision will be Amanda's."

Jack "just do your part."

Tom "fine."


We came out of the auditorium-------

Sam "good work Emiley."

Me "thanks for your support Sam."

Sam "it's ok."

Jes "did you people see?"

Sam "what?"

Jes "the guy who spoke to me in theatre."

Me "I did. If I am not wrong he is one of jack friend's right?"

Jes "and one of the cultural programmers."

Me "Geez!! What's his name?"

Jes "Roger. He is cute."

Me "Roger?!! Cute?!!"

Sam "I understand. You forgot your spectacles. Right?"

Jes "shut up Sam. By the way, I am surprised to see you here today. You don't like stage plays. Besides, you always skip annual day programs. Then why did you attend these normal auditions? Huh?"

Sam " I wanted to see Emiley on stage."

I smiled at him.

Next day, I was parking my bike. Every one is discussing about the musical. Then I remembered, the cast will be displayed on notice board TODAY!!!!!! I found Jessica and we both ran to see the notice board.

Lana was already there with her friends. They were looking at the cast too.


Count Paris : Joseph Rampson

Peter : Henry Kidman

Mercutio : Lana Parkanier.

Montague : Scott Amerces

Sampson : Frankie Strlen

Tybalt : Oliver Pitt

Petruchio : Peter saint

Romeo : Jack tucker

Friar Lawrence : Nickie Martin

Benvolo : Rosa stele

Capulet : Kevin Motez

Abraham : Georgie Finaz

Balthasar : Cameron Saur

Friar John : Dick Elster

Juliet : Emiley Wilson

Prince Escalus : Harry Hudson

Greogory : Wendie Osborn





Jes "December 21st?!!! That's the day after senior prom. I don't know how they mange to replace the prom decorations with the play one's with in twenty hours. What ever!!! Emiley congrats!!! You have got almost three months to the musical."

She hugged me with pride. Lana turned to me suddenly and was like

"Why you are bothering me so much."

Me "what?"

Lana "don't over react pussy. You took my role and I won't let you to take my boy friend."

Jes "just stay away from her."

Lana "don't you dare filthy Goggles."

All her friends were giggling. We came from there with out any other word.

Me "what the hell she is talking about?"

Jes "she is jealous that you are Juliet."

Me "what about that boy friend thing?"

Jes "may be she came to know about your coffee with Jack."

Me "but it was just coffee right?"

Jes "who knows!! He may be having some other things in his mind, the way Lana thought!!"

I was excited at this and I took Jessica's hands and was like

"Do you think so?"

Jes "may be or else why he would show so much interest in you that day? Huh?"

Sam "hey wazzup guys?"

Me "hi Sam. I am selected."

Sam " I know."

Me "you do?"

Sam "I was the first person to see the notice board this morning."

Jes "you did???!!!"

Me "hey! Wait! Some one's text messaging me………it's jack."


Sam "if you keep your mobile aside, we will celebrate."

At the rehearsal -----

Jessica came along with me to auditorium because she wanted to meet Roger. While we were on stage, Jessica was busy talking to Roger. Jack was very co operative. He made the parts easy, specially the scenes that are between Jack and me.

Jack said his dialogue----

"….O, that she knew she were

She speaks yet she says nothing

Her eye discourses; through the airy region streamed so bright

The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars

See how she leans her cheek upon her hand!

O that I were a glove upon that hand,

That I might touch that cheek…."

That was my favorite line ever. He was so perfect with his voice and tone. I was thinking about that line and the wonderful things it mean and I forgot my lines.

Amanda "Emiley! You saw your lines just now. How can you forget? You need to work hard dear."

Jack "why don't you come to my home? We can rehearse together. I mean, most of the scenes are between us and I think that will help you a lot."

Me "yes. I will."

Jack "ok we'll meet at 7:00pm."

Me "sure. Bye."

Jack "seeya."

I found Jessica and Roger still chatting. Geez!! What do they talk?? I didn't want to disturb their privacy. So, I went home with out her.

I was so confused at home and all these things ran through my mind.

Oh!! Man!! What should I wear? I don't have a proper dress for any occasion. Hey? What am I thinking about? I am going for a rehearsal. He didn't invite me to dinner or something. Right?!! I am not on a date and I should prefer formals, I think.

The doorbell rang and I knew who it was. He wore formals too. I introduced him to my mom and dad. They already know him as an actor. As we were in hurry, mom and dad couldn't talk to him much. We went to his house in his car.

Ah, Juliet, if the measure of thy joy

Be heaped like mine and that thy skill

Be more to blazon it, and then sweeten with

Thy breath, this neighbor air, and let

Rich music's tongue unfold the imagined

Happiness that both receive in either by

This dear encounter--------

Later Jack asked me "dinner is served. Shall we?"

Me "dinner?!"

Jack "yeah dinner."

Me "no. I mean, mom prepared for me too. I think I should leave."

Jack "come on. It's just dinner."

Me "well! Ok."

Jack took me to the dinning hall. Gosh!! It's very big house. But I couldn't find his parents.

Jack "be seated. Bruce! Get the dishes here."

Bruce is Jack's cook I suppose. He is an old man. He looks very descent and wise too.

Me "where are your mom and dad?"

Jack "they live in Chicago."

Me "you stay alone?"

Jack "yeah. I am living mine and they are living theirs."

Me "oh!"

Me "I see you finished."

Jack "no. not yet."

He turned to Bruce and

Jack "get the …Hmmm!"

He said ok and got some beer for him. I finished my supper but he's still drinking. I wanted to talk to him a lot, but he seems to be …..You know not in a mood.

Me "um! Jack! I'll go."

Jack "what? How can you? It's too late already."

What is he talking about??????!!!!!!!!!

Me "what do you mean?"

Jack "I mean I'll drop you."

Me "oh!...but you can't drive now."

Jack "I can. I did many times. You don't worry."

He took me to car and we were on the way. I didn't expect what happened just then. A big truck came across our way and he couldn't do anything. His quick reaction was turning to left with full speed. We hit a wall. I screamed at the top of my voice. He fell unconscious due to shock or may be he was over drunk. I called Bruce. We went to Jack's house.

I was worried. I called mom and told them that I would be late. I convinced her some how. I was tensed, I didn't know what's wrong with him. I called doctor. He said he was over drunk yet he is in shock. He said jack needs attention. I know Bruce will be there but he did it for me right?!!. I thought leaving him like this is not fair. Shit! Why he has to drink anyway? I wanted to stay until he get back to his senses. But it's already four. I think he is in good sleep. So I left.


Next morning, when Jack woke up----

Jack "what happened last night?"

Bruce "um! Accident."

Jack "where is Emiley?"

Bruce "sir, last night, she called doctor and stayed with you till four."

Jack was extremely surprised.

Jack "SHE DID!!!! Why?"

Bruce "she was guilty and worried about you."

Jack remained silent.

Bruce "I know sir. You are used to this, I think it's new for her."

Jack "get some coffee."

Bruce "yes sir."

When Bruce had gone, Jack wondered -

I can't believe this. She cares so much about me. No one did anything like that for me before. I bet Lana would never do. Bullshit! I am a big fool. I was playing with her for just a stupid bet!!! I am so stupid. May be she is the one for me. Why didn't I think this before? She is kind, caring and gorgeous!! She likes me too. She's perfect. Damn!!

Jack tried to call Emiley but she didn't answer the phone.

Jack "Bruce! Come here."

Bruce gave coffee to Jack.

Jack "thanks! Was she angry last night?"

Bruce "I didn't notice sir. May be a nice girl like her must get angry in such situations. Sir."

Jack gave back the cup and Bruce left. Jack looked at the clock and was like

"Shit!! Emiley!...oh no! I am late. "


Next day, I met Sam and I told him every thing that happened last night. He didn't say a word. I didn't find Jessica. When I called her, she said she would talk later. I guess she must be busy some where. I received many text messages from Jack I didn't answer any of them.

In the lunch break, I went to get French fries and I saw Jack waiting for me.

I was going away from him. Then –

Jack "Emiley. Please listen to me for a second. Please..!"

I stood there, right in front of him.

Jack "I am sorry for what happened last night. I didn't mean to. You know, it was actually not my fault. Not totally at least…!"

Me "no Jack! What would you do if any thing had happened last night? Huh?!!!!"

Jack "I am sorry, I thought I could handle, I did it so many times."

Me "so many times??!! You would have been caught….you would have been arrested. Then? Then what? You are still in your teens!!!! Besides, I wanted to have some good time with you. I guess I can never have now."

Jack "no Emiley! Why are you saying that?"


I was practically yelling at him, in the canteen. However, he still tried to

Convince me. That had its effect on me. Maybe my anger was no more then.

Jack "I know I did a big mistake that I shouldn't do. Can't you give me one more chance … Emiley?'

Me "oh Jack! You will always get one."

Jack "so coffee with me now."

Me "no. It doesn't mean that I am still angry or something but you know,

Sam's sitting alone. Jessica's not there too. I think he needs my company."

Jack "ok. I'll meet you later. Thanks for staying with me all night."

Me "that's ok."

I went to Sam. He was not alone. Someone was with him. Sam has a GIRLFRIEND?????

Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Jessica. She looked very different from the Jessica I knew before. No goggles, no more curly hair. She wore jeans, make up!!!! What got into her???

Me "what happened to you?"

Jes "it's Roger's idea."

Me "you look gorgeous."

Sam "I never knew Roger is….that smart."

Jes "I asked him that why he likes me so much. You know I am not like other girls or something."

Me "aha."

Sam "what did he say?"

Jes "he took me with him and changed me like this. Then he said that whenever he looks at me, he sees this Jessica not the one which every one see."

Me "Geez!!"

Sam "he loves you so much."

Jes "I know. I am just waiting for him to tell me."

Me "he will. I am so sure."

Jes "Sam told me what happened. Is jack ok now?"

Me "absolutely."

Sam "fine"

It's December already!!! Days just passed like a breeze. Every thing was so perfect. Jessica went on few dates with Roger. Sam and I had a lot of fun…hmm! As usual chatting. Lana is still a head case. I was doing my rehearsals well with Jack, in his house. It's only one week and two days left to musical. I think I remembered all my lines. Amanda says there's one more scene to practice.

Jes "did you see the notice board today?"

Me "no. why? Musical is postponed?"

Jes "no. Idiot. It's worse."

Jes "now come on!!!"

We went to see it.







Me "what's worse in that?"

Jes "if Roger don't ask me, I can't go!!!!"

Me "don't worry Jes! He will."

Jes "what if he won't?"

Me "he will."

Jes "are you not interested?"

Me "not much."

That noon in the rehearsal---

Amanda "today we will finish the rehearsal of the last scene in our play. Later we need to have rehearsals of the complete musical. We have left with only one week. Just a week ok. Please all of you now do your best. Come on!!! Don't stare at me. Hurry up."

It was time for our part, I mean Jack and me. I am stupid, I must have known…, this is "Romeo and Juliet" there will be a……KISS!!!!!

"-----If I were, profane with my un worthiest hand,

This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: my

Lips, two blushing pilgrims, reads stand to

Smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss------"

He stepped forward to kiss me. I don't know why I did it, I just turned my head away from him. He got my cheek and kissed it. He looked disappointed. Guys!!!!

Amanda "Emiley. What does that suppose to mean?"

Me "sorry ma'm. I will catch that in the play."

Amanda "make sure you do that."

Me "yes ma'm."

Lana was frowning at me.

Rehearsal was over. All were leaving. Then jack called me and he said

"I was wondering may be you could go to the prom with me."



In the free time---

Sam "hi Jes! Wazzup?

Jes "um! Hi! What's the matter you look so excited?"

Sam "Aaah! Nothing much. I gonna ask Emiley to the prom."

Jes "wha—t? You love Emiley?"

Sam "are you insane? It's just the prom I am asking her. That's it."

Jes "I know you. Don't lie. I am your best friend."

Sam "hi Emiley!!"


I went to the table where we usually sit. It was as if Jessica and Sam were discussing something.

Me "hi Sam."

Sam "what's wrong with you?"

Me "um! Nothing. Why did you ask?"

Jes "because you look like you swallowed a sock."

Me "do I?"

Sam "come on you can tell us."

Me "Jack asked me to the prom."

Jes "WHAT??? Sam was about to……….."

Sam "Jessica!!!! Roger!!"

Jes "what Roger?"

Roger came just then.

Roger "hey Jessica! I want to talk to you."

Jes "yeah!" she eyed at Sam and went with Roger.

Sam "did you say yes?"

Me "yes!"

Sam "WOW!! That's….that's great. You have to be happy then."

Me "I wanted to tell him no. But I didn't. I thought it would be harsh after what happened at rehearsal."

Sam "rehearsal?"

Me "there was a kiss scene between us and I didn't kiss him. He looked disappointed. So I couldn't tell him no."

Sam "Oh!.. but that's ridiculous. Why would you tell no? It was your dream right?"

Me "but I have a problem. Actually two."

Sam "what are they?"

Me "one, I don't have a proper dress to go with Jack and two, I don't know slow dancing."

Sam "what?"

Me "yes, I fear what if I step on my partner's feet."

Sam "wait. I think I can solve this problem."

Me "really?"

Sam "I will show you the dance, if you can give me only one evening out of your rehearsals. We'll think about the dress later."

Me "oh Sam. I am very lucky to have you."

Sam "it's nothing."

I went to Sam's house one evening. He was waiting for me. He took me to his room. I was amazed. There were candles all over the room. A slow music was playing. I loved it!!!!! But I was like—

"What are those candles for?"

Sam "prom goes in dim light."

Sam "shall we start."

Me "I guess so."

Sam took my hands in his. He put one of his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him. I was never this close to Sam. He looked very different, when I was so close to him. He smelt good. His eyes are so blue, so deep. There was a special warmth in his arms. I lost my self. I didn't even noticed

that I was dancing to the music. I was completely under the jinx of his fragrance. We danced in to the night. I never felt like this before. It was heavenly, totally blissful. I didn't want it to end.

But the spell broke when Sam said "it's 10. I think you should leave it's too late."

I was like "oh..."

He dropped me. we didn't talk on our way. I wished we should have danced for some more time.

All he said was "I think, you did very well."

He left. Geez!!!


Jes "do you know what happened?"

Me "yeah?"

Jes "that day when Roger came to our table and took me with him?"

Me "yeah!"

Jes "he was asking me to the prom."

Me "oh! Jes! It's great."

Sam "hey Emiley! I was thinking about the dress."

Me "hmm!"

Jes "dress? What dress?"

Sam "the prom dress. Tell me, the dress designed for Juliet in the musical would work?"

Jes "what??"

Me "yes. That's too pretty."

Sam "I'll get it for you if you can keep Amanda away from the dressing room during rehearsals."

Jes "Sam!!!! you are up to stealing???"

Sam "come on Jes. It's not stealing, it's borrowing. I'll return it after the prom before musical."

Jes "I don't think it's gonna work."

Me "are you sure? Don't you think it's risky."

Sam "trust me. I won't let you down at the prom."

Jes "this is too much."

Sam "what ever!!!"

At the rehearsal---

I couldn't remember any of my song sequences. How can I concentrate when Sam is in the dressing room nicking my dress!!!!! Continue like this

Amanda "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MISS. WILSON? We are just only two days away. If you do like this, I will make our substitute to perform the musical. Did you get it???"

I nodded. But I was tensed.

Amanda "you keep practicing while I'll go to the dressing room ok?"


Why the hell she is going to the dressing room. I went after her calling---


Oh, no she is at the entrance….. she was about to open the door….

Me "MA'M!!! NO!!"

She turned to me.

Amanda "what Emiley?"

Me "um! I… I remembered my lines."

Amanda "fine. Go to rehearsals then."

She's opening the door.

Me "NO!!"

Amanda "what again Emiley?"

Me " I thought may be I should sing in different tune. Thought to show you..

Like …O Romeo …O Romeo…."

Amanda "don't shout!! you wait a minute Emiley."

Oh no! she opened the door. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

I couldn't see Sam. Oh, shit! He is hiding beside wardrobe.

Me "MISS. AMANDA. I need to tell you a very important thing."

Amanda "not now Emiley."

I was sighing Sam to go away from behind. I think he is telling something---

Me "no it's…uh… truly important."

I think he said he couldn't get the dress.

Amanda "tell quickly then."

I told him that it's ok. He must go.

Me " I don't remember my lines frequently. I think you must rely on my substitute Juliet 2 if I couldn't make out by the big day."

He is leaving… he is leaving…..

Amanda "oh! Dear. Very sad thing to hear. You must have told me this before and I should….."

He jumped from the windowsill and he is gone!!!

Then I was suddenly like..

Me "may be. You are right ma'm. now I remember all my lines. bye. Thank you ma'm."

She was staring at me so dumbly. I closed the door and left. The last thing I heard her saying in disgust was

Amanda "Why did I come here. shit!!! I forgot."

After the rehearsal, I went to Sam.

Me "um sorry for the inconvenience."

Sam "that's ok."

Jes "so, did you get the dress?"

Me "I am sad it all went in vain."

Sam "aha! Check out in my bag."

Me "are you kidding me?"

Sam "go on."

I opened the bag and I saw the dress. He did it.

Me "oh Sam!! I can't believe this that you……"
Sam "shhh!!... just wear the locket on it. I like your locket."

I wanted to thank him some how and so I was like

"I like your shoes."

I know that sounded so numb. He said

"I like your smile." I couldn't help except smiling at him.


Me "whom you are going with?"

Sam "um! No one."

Jes "why?"

Sam "I didn't find anyone."

Jes "don't lie."

Sam "damn!! Why would I?"

Me "now come on you two. Don't start!!"

It's the prom day. Sam came to my home. Jack was busy arranging live music at hall as he is a cultural club member. He said he would meet me at auditorium. Sam was waiting for me in the living room.

When I came out, he looked as if he was petrified. He said

"You look gorgeous", getting up from the sofa.

Me "thank you Sam."

Sam "thanks for wearing the locket."

Me "you know. I will."

We went to the auditorium---

Sam was talking to me when we entered the auditorium. Jack noticed me and came to us.

Jack "excuse me Sam. May I?" stretching his hand towards me.

Sam "Oh!!... Sure." I gave him my hand. He took me with him. I was sad that Sam was left alone.

Jack "you are looking beautiful."

Me "thank you."

Music began. All started dancing.

Jack "dance or drink?"

Me "what ever you wish for."

Jack "please grant me dance."

Me "sure."

I saw Jessica and roger dancing so closely nearer to their table.

Jack "you know what?"

Me "what."

Jack "you are a good dancer."

Me "you too."

My eyes looked for Sam. I saw him. He sitting at one of the tables. He's glaring at me. I smiled at him. But he didn't. he looked worried.

Jack "hey Emiley!"

Me "hah?"

Jack "look at me."

Me "yeah! I am."

He's still looking at me. one of the girls came and asked him for the dance I suppose. I think he said no.

Jack "I like your locket."

Me "oh." He didn't turn his eyes yet.

Jack "hey Emiley!"

Me "yeah?" I said, now looking at Jack.

Jack "I want to ask you one thing."

Me "yes."

Then Jack friend's came to us and were like

Kevin "come on Jackie!! I agree. You won the bet."

Jack "KEVIN!!! Just go!"

Me "bet? What bet? Why are you yelling at them Jack?"

Kevin "what?? Our bet is over right? I told you to get Emiley and you did it. It's over man. Now come and join us. All of our friend's are waiting for you there. Are you gonna spend this night with her or what?"

Tom "by the way you owe me a drink man! for marking Emiley as Juliet. Remember. Now come on."

Jack "TOM NO!!!"

Me "what!!!!!!!! Is that true Jack?"

Jack "oh Shit! Yes, that's true. But I can explain."

I left at the very moment before he started.

I couldn't find Sam. Jessica was dancing with Roger. So I went out of the hall. Tears were filling in my eyes.

I was frustrated. I saw Sam sitting there. I wondered what he is doing out side the hall. I went to him--

Me "Sam…"

Sam "Emiley??!! What are you doing here?"

Me "I…Jac----k…." I broke-

I hugged Sam and cried.

Sam "oh…Emiley… no don't….what…happen…"

He patted me softly.

I told him what happened on our way to my house. He listened and didn't say a word except "it's ok. Forget it. It's not your mistake. Ok?"

I said "ok."

He stayed with me for some time. Later I told him to leave.

That happened to be a very long night for me.

I didn't attend the big day, I mean the musical. The next day when I went to college, Lana talked to me.

Lana "why did you do that?"

Me "what?"

Lana "what you did to Jack."

Me "I didn't do anything to him. Besides, he did a lot to me which you don't know."

Lana "I know. He did nothing except liking you. So much. More than me."

Me " I am not getting in to your words Lana!!"

Lana "shit! Why don't you understand pussy? Jack and Kevin fought, after you left the prom!!! And you know what? Jack didn't attend the musical too. You doesn't know what he missed. The musical was very necessary for him. Many movie directors came to see the show. He last his chance of meeting them. They just saw the stupid substitutes performing the play. You ruined every thing Emiley."

And she left. It was the first time I saw Lana crying.

I told Sam everything what Lana told to me that morning.

The next day was my birthday. Sam surprised me with a party. He invited every one including Jack, Lana, even Kevin. I wondered how Lana and Kevin accepted the invitation.

Jes "Emiley! Happy birthday."

Me "thanks."

Jes "Emiley! Roger proposed in the prom."

Me "oh!!!! I am so happy for you.'

Sam "same here Jes!"

Me " Sam…last night I was thinking…that…."

Jack came to me and...

He was like "I want to give this back to you". He was holding my locket in his hand.

Jack "that day, in the prom, it remained with me. I think it fell down."

He gave it to me.

Jack "happy birthday and I am sorry too."

Me "it's ok."

Jes "Jack? Drink?"

Jack "No thanks. someone sweet told me not to drink."

Then he came to me and said-

Jack "a dance?"

I didn't want to actually but I was guilty.

Me "ok."

I was dancing with jack. I saw Sam leaving the room.

Jack "I wanted to ask you some thing."

Me "yes."

Jack "do you love Sam?"

Me "why are you asking me that???"

Jack "no you always look at him. You will be happy when he smiles. And now you are not because he left the room!!"

Me "no Jack. I don't know."

Jack "it's not the right answer Emiley. Just close your eyes and think of him. You will know. And you will even find the reason why he left."

I don't know what Jack said. But I believed it. When I closed my eyes, I saw Sam. I felt the same fragrance and warmth , which I did on the day we both danced together. He was always there for me. He always tried to cheer me up. He did it because he loves me and still he does. I thought about this last night too. I know one thing deep inside my mind, that I like Jack but I always loved Sam. I opened my eyes. I wanted to see Sam.

I was like "excuse me" and I left the room.

Sam was standing at the door.

I went to him and –

Me "what are you doing here?"

Sam "I…I…just came here……."

He was about to tell some instant reason but I didn't let him—

I kissed him straight on his lips, with no hesitation, with no permission. He was thrilled and he gave it back to me. It was magical. Lana, Jack, Jes, Roger, every one saw us.

Then Sam said "Emiley, I LOVE YOU" Looking in to my eyes.

I was like "You are late Sam, it's my turn!!!"

Now, we are all good friends, even Lana. Lana and Jack became together again. Kevin and Jack are talking to each other. Jes and Roger are still going out. About me?? Yeah, my dream came true. But it's not Jack there, its Sam. I know!!! He is the one for me.

After all, I can have a boy friend too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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