Catherine Carr

My Thoughts

 Yeah, I guess this will be like this for years.

When it started, I don't know.

For far too long it has been there.

Life just goes that way.

There are some who don't know how it feels.

And some who don't want to know.

Some don't mind.

Some who struggle against.

Some who have given up.

Some are still in the battle.


Why does it happen?

Why doesn't it care to anybody?

Why does it hurt so much?

Why do we lose the battle?


For what am I here?

For what am I writing this?

For who am I waiting for?

Who am I fighting against?


Where is my place?

In this world?

In this century?

In the Dark?


 Where is the Passion I seek for?

Where are the embers of this terminated fire I feel inside?


I am alone.

I always will be.

Even if the world would be in my living room.


I walk down a lonely street,

I remember times that have faded in my memory.

All dusted and broke,

stroke for stroke of the music that plays behind,

I'm stronger than this,

I just think.


The truth is,

I don't know.


I am alone,

will I always be this?


Only this last chance to grow,


don't play a show,

for you know I'll hurt you.


No, I don't need anybody,

been doing fine.

I'll get along.

Just don't help me,

I'm abig girl!

I'll fight the next,

on my own! Quelle




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Publicado en el 13.12.2008.


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