Rón Ginn

Thoughts on a Dream

Introspection                              Persuasion
In a
Dream,                                       Dream
                                                  With me, sweet
Flower-                                      Flower.
Boxes, cunning foxes
Nonsense                                   Nonsense,
                                                  I am not going to take 'no' for an
Answer                                      Answer.
To my cries, my wonders
Why                                          Why?
With caresses, kisses, near
Misses                                       Mrs.
                                                 We question our existance
                                                 And the right and wrong of what we
Do                                             Do.
You follow this dream?
Will it hold at the
Seams?                                     Seems
                                                 Like you're the one
Confused                                  Confused.
Are we who
For the life of us
Can't                                          Can't
You                                           You
How we
Feel.                                          Feel
It                                               It?
Is almost too much to bear,
But it's right there.                      But it's right there.
I can't decide                             I can't decide
                                                 For you!
Love                                          Love
                                                 Me now
                                                 And don't look back.
Is like a
Dream.                                      Dream
                                                 Of the possibilities,
And                                           And
A                                              A
Risk.                                         Risk.


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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 06.05.2005.


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