Caitlin Rose Dutton

Quest for Ben

How could i? How could i let the boy of all my fantasies slip between my fingers and into the arms of my all-embracing sister? how? Not that, Ben, had been in between my fingers to start with, had he? No; he had been off snogging with my trashy identical twin sister, Matice, while i, Maling, had been in my own little world believing that all was perfect and that nothing and no-one could come between of what me and my love felt for each other.
But how wrong could i have been? Ben, AKA, (my love) had never felt anything for me like i had for him, it had all been in my head right from the start-all he had to do was take a glance in my direction and here i was,thinking to myself, that me and him had been made for each other. "You have to face it, Maling, i told my reflection as i stood infront of my bedroom mirrow swiping lip gloss across my pouty lips"your long-time secret crush is now your sisters boyfriend and theres nothing you can do about it......."
Or was there? Okay, Okay, so i must admit that im usually not the type of girl that interfears in other peoples relationships and stuff like that but im also not the type of girl to lose something without a fight, and besides i wouldent call any fling of my sisters a relationship;more of a quick game of kiss and tell exept with her its not only a kiss but a bit more if you know what i mean... So who says it wont be fun to hurry up the process of Matice's and Ben's little love game?
"After all, i assured myself," its about time my twin got a dose of her own medicine".There was a honk from outside and the roar of an engine revving up. I quickly applied one last coat of my "cherry gloss lipstick" and adjusted my "supa" lift bra that i was wearing (not that i needed to) under my figure constricting fuscia mini dress. "yes, Benny boy, i thought cheekily to myself as i grabbed my handbag and made my way downstairs to the front door, "you better start your engines, because, your in for one hell of a ride.
I had been more than glad when , Matice, had come down with a nasty fever, after all it had meant that she wouldent be fit enough to make it to the arranged party at, Ben's, place the next day. I had literlly, jumped, for joy when my bedridden sister had asked me to do the honours of breaking the news to her beloved.
"Sure i'll tell, Ben, i had told her hoping she couldent see through my totally fake seriousness,"I'd do anything if it made you feel better.She had sighed and mumbled a weak "thanks" as she lay in bed pale and snotty befor telling me that she wanted to be left alone. Obviously she had brought my cheap sympathy and suspected nothing.
What a joke! I had never planned on doing as my sister had asked. Why would i? Its not as if i owed her any favors or anything.Instead i had decided that if Matice was'nt going to her boyfriends party than i was.
So thats how i got to be where i am now; Up close and personal with,Matice's, boyfriend (who spontanesly) happened to be my super-hot crush, in the midst of the party that my sister was invited to,not me, with a whole lot of half drunk, half stoned strangers (who happened to be gyrsting against one-another) by dressing up like my sister and pretending to be her... Preety simple huh? Not quite.
It was tuurning out to be,shockingly, hard to act like my overly-confident twin and suprisinly draing to actually HAVE to pretend that i was enjoying, Ben, rubbing himself al over me and touching me in places im to shy to mention.
"Your so sexy", Ben would purr in my ear while running his hand across my breast and pinching my bum," i can hardly wait untill later".
"Neither can i", i would whisper back untruthfully agreeing while thinking what he thought "later" contained that was so exciting.
I tried telling myself that this was, Ben, the guy iv'e had a massive crush on since i can remember, combing his fingers through my thick black hair and planting soft baby kisses on the side of my neck, but the little voice in the back of my head kept interrupting and telling me that" No, Maling,this is'nt the same charming guy you thought , Ben, was."This is just another idiot teenage guy that has only one thing on his mind, Ben, does'nt love you or your sister".
I knew the voice was right and i knew that i wanted to go home but befor i had time to think up an excuse it happened. Ben kissed me. It was'nt just a casual peck on the lips either, it was your full-on tounge in mouth, hands exploring, hardly breathing kiss that should be kept for the bedroom only. I guess you could call it a ,pash, but with a lot more..."willpower".
I dont know why i returned the kiss, maybe it was because that i had been dreaming about the day when it was going to happen so often, that i couldent stop myself from bathing in my sisters boyfriends saliva paradise.
Just when things were starting to get a little raunchy( i could hear faint moans coming from Ben) i forced myself back to reality befor unsticking my lips from Bens, and pushing his body well awy from mine. Too well infact i thought to myself as i wacthed him stumble backwards into a table containing some sort of, green colored punch.There was a crash as the table (a fold up one) gave way under Bens weight and it was not soon after that he was doused from head to foot in the green liqued.
A few of the gyrating strangers had stopped at the sound of the table unfoding and were now occupied by staring at green-skinned Ben sprawled upon the floor and at me looking wild eyed at him.
I started to walk towards the door ready to leave when i relised that my work was'nt done." i never want to see you again", i shouted at ben remembering what the voice in the back of my head had told me" ...a guy that does'nt love you or your sister". I was doing this not only for me, i thought,but for my sister aswell.
"Your a disrespectful pig, Ben, i spat in his direction,"and you deserve a good slpap in the face".
"Get outta my house, you friggin bicth!, Ben had gotten up from the floor and was coming towards me, pointing towards the door.
i did'nt need telling twice.


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Publicado en el 20.04.2009.


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