Jens Marquard



We both together are perfect,
we fit together fact per fact,
fortunately you let me connect,
I´m loving the ways you act,
We belong together, it´s exact,
boy it´s like I did expect,
our binding is easy to detect,
we´re more than a million dollar contract,


You´ve got my admiration,
and I have to mention,
your adulation,
you send me flowers,
we get into flow,
I can rely on you,
now something floats,
we´re in a secure boat,


every day we celebrate a flirt,
you know what I have once heard,
loverboys take off their shirts,
lovergirls take off their skirts,
there´s not enough one single word,
´cause you mean to me the world,
I will always be your girl,
we on and on shine like a pearl,


and our love is perfection,
call it ultimate satisfaction,
you give up no questions,
with your defined sense for fashion,
you awake the highest passion,
let us get in action,
let´s feel the vibration,
we share intimate fascination,


perfect, fact per fact, our love is perfection,
thought today,
what you say,
perfect, fact per fact, our love is perfection,
what it´s how,
thought it´s now,
perfect, fact per fact, our love is perfection,
yeah baby,
yeah they see,


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Jens Marquard.
Publicado en el 31.05.2009.


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