Cornelia Bystricky

Good night, Moonwalker

Good night, Moonwalker,
How fast the years went by.
Sleep tight, Dancer of the dream,
If only someone told us why!
You were the star, a shining light,
You were the dance, you were the song.
Your music filled our hearts with love.
How comes life treated you so wrong?
Children gave you strength and joy,
So much love you had to share.
Yet allegated, misunderstood -
How much can a human bear?
You went away, your dreams live on.
Your beat - a childhood memory.
You rocked the world, you know you did,
For black and white, for you and me.
Never shall you be forgotten,
Now you're walking on the moon.
At peace now for eternity,
Redeemed at last, yet gone to soon.
Good night, Moonwalker,
May God hold you in his hand,
Sleep tight, King to many people,
May the King of Kings lead you to his Neverland!
© Cornelia Bystricky


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Publicado en el 01.07.2009.


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