Joseph Trance

God and Radio Waves

When I was a boy
in 1967,
I built my first radio
connecting me to "Heaven."

A penny,an earphone,
a diode, and some wire,
connected me to Radio Waves,
which took me higher...
than I could ever imagine.

It was my first time
of experiencing the unseen,
a hint of God...
know what I mean?

AM, FM, and short wave too,
the possibilities were endless,
creation anew.

Unending Communication
filling creation, and
all that I needed
was to be "tuned in"
to be able to hear..
what was out there.

Just like those waves,
God is always talking..
He's always on...wheather I'm
awake, asleep or walking.

Not only that,
He's talking to me..
a personal
on MY frequency.

If I "have the ears to
I will clearly hear..
the plans He has for me;
my Father who is always


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Publicado en el 07.08.2009.


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