Werner Michael Fisk

Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows
There´s a new side of me
that even I´ve just come to see
stepping out of the shadows
that used to follow me
I´m there in the light
I´m taking new steps here
steps that even I used to fear
stepping out of the shadows
that used to haunt me
I´m standing in the light
If the music starts
before I get there
go ahead and dance without me
you always danced so gracefully
I´ve found a new direction
towards a place I´ve never been
far away from the shadows
that used to hurt me
now I travel in the light
I´m learning how to grow
into a person even I don´t know
one who steps out of the shadows
that used to hide me
you can find me in the light
And if I´m still not there
when the music ends
find another song, dance again
it´s o.k. to dance without me
you always danced so beautifully


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