Meike Schrut

Easter 2010


"Monster AG"?
For me as a mum not slowly unsuitably?
See it however, thus, my dear friend:
they do not look like Easter hares
but, nevertheless, jocularly they are
and snugly also.
Once in the cinema has not been enough for us (my son and to me.) both
today, nevertheless, on video or DVD. (how easily all that is to be had!)
Today I have also seen a small girl
it was not my child, ran after to me neither to nor.
You, my small-size son?
Mike for you still interesting?
I do not ask you any more
and today that small girl sees other films
I may not thus at all.
I have not forgotten the Easter egg hunts
if it has not accustomed to me earlier at all
It was enough if an old woman told my child:
"The Easter hare has come - only for you.!"
Stupidly and ridiculously I have felt this
wanted to tell no lies you.
All the same, whether Santa Claus whether Easter hare:
Parents present Small and Largely.
Why you should need there lies,
I never heard already?
May be, I am a freak or usually such.
Is also true: my mother painted eggs, thus wonderfully,
where they are now, I do not know it,
nevertheless, after her death they have disappeared.
Mike and Sulley of the monsters of the monster AG?
I have loved them, still today she may
and am no small child.
Morality of the history?
Let me to Easter and on other days love whom I want
whether it is real or not.
Let bend never, no lies you tell
and if lies are unique, one can forget this fast
however, does not lie always and constantly only around!



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Publicado en el 04.04.2010.


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