Andreas Aschberg

The Lonely Wizard (Part III): Sword of Power



Now that you need me you seek my advice

Now that it´s doubled you will pay the price

Now that it happens you´re caught by suprise


But I will not fail you

despite all your pride

I will not leave you

Alone in the night

I will not deceive you

I´ll give you a light


A light you will need to see by it´s spark

To tell right from wrong, to see in the dark

To show you the way, to inflame your heart


So here´s the sword that was forged in the fire

The fire of magic, truth and desire

Here is the armour for walking the wire


But I must warn you

These weapons are strong

There´s a magic inside

That never belongs

It might turn against you

It might turn you on


The spirit inside you shall always be fair

When wielding the sword you always should care

It can bring you glory, can bring you despair


Even defeated the Dark Lord might grin

For he knows the bravest can fall for the sin

And can fall again while thinking they´ll win





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