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Words of LIFE

In your life-time, you will hear many words.  Many people will say many things to you and about you.  Your parents, your husband, wife, children, all other relatives, your friends and enemies will speak many words about You into YOUR LIFE.  You will also speak words about yourself; you will speak words to yourself.   Consider that.  You will speak words about to yourself that will either be Life affirming or that can kill you.    People will speak words into you, during your entire lifetime.

     But you have a choice.  You have a choice as to what Words You will listen to and believe.  You have a choice of what words you will meditate on and let settle upon your heart.  Just like you have choices about what television programs you watch, what books you read, what music you listen to, you have choices as to what words you will consider.  Consider the Power of that.  You can choose what Words you will take into your heart and mind and soul and you can choose what you believe.

       And you will have to make some choices about what you will either believe or not believe.   You will have to decide what you will believe and what you won’t believe.  .  You will have to do that…You and no one else.   But, it’s not what Your Father or Mother say about you, or what Your Friends say about you or even what you say about yourself that is important.  There are Words of Truth that are truer than all those other Words.  There is a Truth beyond all other TRUTHS and it comes from the Words of God.  God:   God who created you and everything else.  God who knows all about you and still..still Loves You.  God who knows your every move before you make it, your every thought before you think it…and Still..LOVES YOU.    God who will “never leave you or forsake you.”   Father God, the Creator of Everything.  Father God.  Father.  A father who Loves His Children, a father who only wants the Best for them .    God.    Those Words are contained in His Word:  The Bible, King James version.

The Word of God is Life-Giving.  The Word of God is the Truth.  The Word of God cuts through all the lies and if you decided to believe it, it will reveal the “plans that are meant to Prosper You and Not Harm you.”   It will take you through all the battles and fires and storms and challenges and “deaths’ that will happen in your Life and it will cleanse you like nothing else can.  And the Truth is sharper than any sword and it will cut you, but not to harm you, but to Help you.


It will Lift you Up higher than you could ever imagine and If you decide to Believe It, it will show you things, tell you things. Let you see and Hear things that you would have never thought possible…”Good and Beneficial things.” 




The Truth will Set You free.  It will help you Discern and Know, what is Real and what is Lies.


But it will cost you something.   It will cost you…everything.   It will cost you your very Life.  It will cost you Time, and Consideration, Energy and meditation.   It will make you face yourself and challenge you as no other thing can.  It will cost you going against what every other relative, Friend and enemy says about you, that doesn’t agree with what the Word says about you.    It will cost you seeing things about yourself that you don’t want to let go of but that you know you have to, and It will cause you fights and conflict and being uncomfortable with people who do not believe what it says.  It will cost you… It will cost you your…LIFE.   There will be challenges and there will be trials and there will be tribulation.  The Word says that as well.   “Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you….”

 But the Word is Truth, and trials and tribulations come with every Life.   Conflict is a part of Life,  but when you know the Truth, you can and will be able to have everything you need to be able to go through all of the trials in your entire Life and will be able to come out Victorious…because that is what the Word says.  You have the victory…it has already been won The Word of God says so.  So here is the bottom line;  you can either go through the battles and trials of life with the Word or without it.  You can either have what you need to go through all the trias and tribulations or…not.  Your Choice.  You decide.

So You Have a Choice.  You have the ability to choose…No matter what anyone else has told you…You Have the Choice to Believe or not Believe..”Believe Only”  That’s what the Word says.  You can have everything that the Word of God says…but you have to want it and you have to Believe that you can. 

If you are willing to read it and think about it and give it Time and consider what the Word says…if you Let it in and Meditate on it, You will see and Hear and know what God has for your Life.  You will see the glory of His plan and things will make sense to you.  You will be able to have Wisdom about things.  And You will know also that you are not doing this alone.  You have The Holy Spirit to help you…The Friend and Comforter.  You have angles that have been assigned to you, to Help you and do what you command them to do..You have Power and Authority.. You have all of IT…the Word says so…

You have the Power to take authority over your own thoughts and decisions.  You don’t need to be at the Mercy or command of other people..You are the Head and not the Tail..


Here are some things The Word of God says:

  If you believe in God and Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit,

You are made in the Image of God and He LOVES  YOU.

You have a Choice:  I place before you Life and Death…Choose Life

God has a Plan for your Life and God has a purpose for your life:  God has plans to prosper and not to harm you

You are blessed and highly favored

You are the Head and not the Tail

All Your sins are FORGIVEN by the Blood of Jesus; in the past, now and forever

You can do ALL Things through Jesus Christ who strengthens you and with God, nothing is impossible.

You are sought by God.

God Loves You

You are anointed and appointed for such a time as this

Jesus died for you

Jesus the Son of God died for you

You can be cleansed of your sin by repenting and turning around

You have the mind of Christ and you hold the thoughts, feelings and purposes of His heart

You are never alone: “ I will never leave you or Forsake you and “The Holy Spirit, the Comforter is with You.”


So…consider these words.    Of all the Words that you have ever heard  and will ever hear in your lifetime, there are no greater words than Words that come from the very Heart of God.  They are the words of Life.  Go ahead, get a Bible, check it out and see…what else The Word says about YOU.




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