Joana Angelides



Emotions live and grow
They want to take them and give.
They fill you up and revive
They are warm, confusing and deeply
One can not deny they do not deny
You enter your ego, they want to unite
With the other self, they become WE

Your hands touch me, your breath takes me
It's a feeling I was floating.
I want to keep living this condition and,
Never again float in empty space.
It is this happiness of the moment, to me, laughs
That makes me dream and stagger.

© JOANA Angelides


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Joana Angelides.
Publicado en el 31.12.2010.


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Im Schatten des Olivenbaumes von Joana Angelides

Ein Olivenbaum zieht die Menschen in seinen Bann und bestimmt besonders das Leben einer leidenschaftlichen Frau.
Sie trifft eine überraschende Entscheidung.

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