Rebecca Harris


how sick it feels to know 
how things must end 
here tonight 
to know I will wake up alone 
for once 
to reach for you in the night and 
have you not be there 

to wake up with tears upon 
my sullen face 
because tonight is the end 
of a beautiful thing 
and we know it 

and yet.. 

I'll put it off once more, 
as will you, 
and we'll smile and fall asleep 
in a contented embrace, 
unwilling to let go 
of what we cannot tie down 

no, we're much too free 

hold me while I cry 
then let's go 

There are times when a thing is not quite what we need,
and we know it... But it's easier and safer to stay
where we are than to do something about it. This was
written during one of those moments where things felt
like they were certainly going to end, just not
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Publicado en el 26.02.2011.


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