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We went for a restful weekend break,

just me alone with my lovely Jake,

the best times had are never planned,

I thought as we strolled across the sand,

then in the sea as I held him tight,

a total stranger picked a fight,

I thought the fighting would never stop,

until I saw my poor Jake drop,

I held his head within my hand,

as he lay there in the blood stained sand,

his heart rate dropped with every breath,

I new that Jake was near to death,

I closed my eyes and began to pray,

but my lovely Jake just slipped away,

“oh why oh why” I began to plead,

“oh why did I let him off his lead?”

I hope this one kept you guessing a little bit.
Now for the get out clause like they have in films.

No dog was harmed in the in the writing of this poem.
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