Joshua Akinwande


Born into a whole wide world
With feeble limbs and simple mind
At entrance, could feel the heat
Suggesting another world different from where I was
Opening my eyes, I could see the faces of warriors
With hands to battle though with smiling faces
Could feel a great burden on me
Knew it was time to face my destiny
Kept ringing on my mind you are a champion, born to win
With some guardians, began to learn
Took a step, one after the other
When I fell, I rose to walk, limp or do both
Muttered what I have to say hoping to communicate
Began to advance in height and knowledge
With great sensitivity to my environment
Felt love and hatred, brutality and friendship
Heard lies and deception, sincerity and truth
I saw light and darkness, day and night
Learnt the right from wrong but found it difficult to do the right
Because the system was stuffed with evil
Since the nature could not accommodate vacuum
Chose the right because I knew my destiny
Chose to profess the truth despite the challenges faced
Opposition was great that I had to remind myself of my destiny
Born to war, destiny to conquer and win
Always a champion stamped from above
(c) 2010


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Joshua Akinwande.
Publicado en el 30.03.2011.


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