Joseph Trance

Jesus and Energizer Rabbit


Jesus and the Energizer Rabbit (A Conversation)

Scene:  Easter Sunday.  The Energizer Bunny moves back and forth as the rock is rolled away from the cave where Christ was buried.  The Bunny, moves, banging his drum, and Jesus arises for His time has come.  He emerges from the Cave, surrounded by a glowing light.  The Energizer Rabbit stops, looks up and Jesus and speaks and starts to move again..back and forth, back and forth.


B:  “I just keep going and going,” says the Bunny..

J:  “So do I…isn’t that funny?”

B: “ I’m super-powered by a battery…”

J:  “And I, by the Holy Spirit who has quickened me.”

B:  “I am a symbol of Easter Time.”

J:  “Yeah I know… that’s such a crime.”

J:  How did that happen anyway?

B:  Something about Alsace, I looked it up today.

J:   Did you get that from the media?

B:  “No, I looked me up in Wikipedia.”

J:  I am the Resurrection and the Life

B: I hop and run, and am filled with strife

J:  Peace be with you, be anxious for naught

B:  Thanks for that, such a calming thought

J:  I broke through Hell and destroyed its gate

B:  I make lots of bunnies but need a mate

J:  Well, little bunny I gotta go, it’s Easter time, don’t you know

B:  It was really nice talking with you,  J.C.

When you get back to heaven remember me.






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