Dorsey Baker

Afraid of Fear

A man at the door.   Peeping through the peephole. Her voice sounding
sleepy and shakey.
She said, "Hello, may I help you?"
"I heard you had a gas leak, I'm here to check the gas", he replied.
She had made no service call!
" You must have the house number mixed up? wrong house, sir" she
said.  He said, "I'm sorry, miss, sorry for the mistake"  Then
he left.  Walking quickly into the distance.  She didn't like the mans'
face.  She didn't like the tone of his voice.  Something didn't seem to
add up!  She would be cautious!  She would not even crack the door.
She did not think that she was an overly fearful person.  But she would
exercise common sense.  She would not expose herself to unnecessary
danger!  She was not overly cautious, but she was not an overly trusting
person either!  Something in her nature was telling her to be observant!
Pay attention to the face!  Notice the tone of voice! Don't let your guards
down!  She was aware that sometimes the expression on the face is
a "mirror to the soul"  She would pay atttention to all the signs and
listen carefully to her "inner voice"!


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Publicado en el 25.06.2011.


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