Jens Marquard


Every time I see, you with me,
it makes me, take notice of we,
are free, to live our dreams,
and fulfill needs, which are deep,
then I´m on my knees, and wish that we,
can become a team, as I deem,
marrying me, it´s time and sweet,

You didn´t run, so we have won,
we do stun, them who are past and gone,
our relationship´s one ,which shines like the sun,
and it´s none,which can´t move heavy tons,
we have sense for fun and puns, our love weighs tons,
we have a favorite song, and hear it on and on,
for a time is very long,

We are totally into it, evermore we get rid,
of them think we´re sh*t, we do kid
´round them don´t fit, then they start to skid,
fall into a depressive pit, though we know we aren´t sh*t,
we´ve a common name, our love still ain´t to tame,
although we don´t live in fame, you think that life ain´t lame,
we´ve got plans are main, things up now to maintain,

We are living for, one another soars,
wants to reach new shores, I know what´s yours;
your wish to take next door, we want children more,
then we ever have before, we and them can´t ignore,
I can tell it´s sure, with twins we were four,
We´ll be living in concord, with`em of one or,
different gender-sort,

Family is beautiful,
Family´s unity and shelter,
Family gives heart and soul,
Family gives you good temper,
It starts with two at least,
it´s becoming a new family,
it´s enriched with your relatives
new children share the chemistry,
There´s an uncle and an aunt,
with grandparents, family gets also grand, 


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Publicado en el 12.08.2011.


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