Durbarry Quraishiyah

I want a dress

I want a dress as blue as the sky
With large coloured flowers
Red lilies, blooming sunflowers,
Blossoming magnolias, budding roses
Multicolored tulips and orchids
Flaming orange marigolds
And some magnificent birds of paradise
Laced with leaves as green as the lush grass
At the mountain top
Brushing against my feet at the hem
A sleeveless dress to feel the warmth
Of the blazing sun on my bare arms
Thus dressed I frolic in the meadows
My every movement
Creating waves in the dress
Like the ripples of the faraway blue-green sea
Feeling the softness of leaves and petals
With my fingers
Similar to the softness of the fabric on my skin
Which marries my curves
The breeze playing with my hair
It whistles mildly
My hair caresses my round-face
And draws back like the ebb
And it whistles again
And again the streaks strokes my face
And thus lost in all this splendor
Raising my naked arms
To the dazzling sun,
Adorning my lush red lips
With the most radiant smile
I thank God…
For my blue dress.


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