Silwe Stoll


they were four, and with guitars
we were two
and no more
first I had to dance
for you for you were shy
I knew but I was, too
your big eyes so melancholic
although I was smiling
and you had hands
you let them wander
yes, you were always
always the wanderer
through cities big
for all them to see
you didn't need anyone
before there was me
before you looked down
from heavenly sky
and you had legs
oh legs for me to
look at when I made you
a dancer, though it hurt me so:
the joy received from wondering what
would come next? Me wandering?
I wouldn't reach you, not this way
but I had a back you
liked to walk up
walk with your fingers
smile with my eyes
smile, remember,
there are others and
these four are finished
saying by song
that once you taste those ones
alas, you forget your home
oh no now I worry so
for home is where your heart is
next thing you forget it ?
or have you
just loved the one you've been with ?
I will eat it
I'm not one just to taste
and wandering I tend to
disappear for good, forever
so glad they will forget me
me becoming intellectual
are you still frightened
because the thinkers seem
to close you out ?
believe me, they adore you
Now your body is empty but -
did you or did you not ??


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Publicado en el 05.09.2011.


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