Mary Diana

Magic Toys

         Once upon a time, there was a rich family. This family lived in a big and beautiful house with a wonderful garden full of roses and fountains. In the house there were seven bedrooms,six bathrooms,two kitchens and three living-rooms. They had one child,too. His name was Charlie.He was eight years old.
         One day, when Charlie was in his room and he was playing with his toys,something very strange happened. Charlie went downstairs because it was the lunch time.When he got back,all the toys that were in his room were talking and running like real persons. The teddy bears were climbing the bookcase to get on top of it. The cars were running after the super-heroes that were flying in the air. When Charlie saw that he couldn't believe it.He went downstairs and he told to his parents about what he saw. But his parents didn't believe him and they said that such things was not possible. When Charlie returned to his room together with his parents, everything rolled back to normal again.All the toys were on the shelf and they were still.
         During the night, after Charlie went to bed, he fell asleep and dreamed what he saw during the day.


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