Carolin Schwab

Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares
This tear hurts me
It hurts me deep inside
It rips my heart up
But nobody cares
Nobody realizes
What’s goin’ on
I can’t cry tears
Just red,which I don’t want

Somebody said he hates my arrogance
Can you call it arrogance
If you’re dyin’

But nobody cares
Nobody realizes
That it’s my soul
Which was more broken up
Than they can imagine

They don’t understand
That words injure me
More than a beating
They can’t imagine
This destructive pain

But nobody cares
Nobody realizes
My true feelings
Which are deeper inside
Than anyone could notice them

I want them know
What’s up
But they don’t try
To find out

Why should I say
What I think
When nobody cares
Nobody realizes
That I have something to tell

And so I’m keepin’ on
Breakin’ and scretching and
But nobody cares
Nobody realizes
What’s goin’ on


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Carolin Schwab.
Publicado en el 30.09.2005.


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