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4/23/2012                                                                                              R.M.J
                                                                                                Travel Stories My
                                                                                                " Home Country"

                      To be shown a way that you would like the world to be,although,when
                  you open your eye,s and then your mind that,s not the world you or we see.
                  You develope that thought of imagination, fiction,with, what reality?
                      To use the mind to picture,what I or you construct, in your mind and
                  their,s, with the possibility, of putting it forth,to a realizational level.
                  To bring into view an idea, a thought,that someone is manifested, or con-
                  structed, from fiction, saying that this picture or object is not for real.
                      Deception something that never was forereal,although the pretence
                  of being. To seek something that has never been although was said to be.
                  To be made to want, that want,that reality,was only a fictional greed.
                     This enviroment,doesn,t allow this type of greed or dream, for my ty-
                  pe in this Economy. " Deception".
                     My country, My Country,Everyone can get Rich,A Millionaire,in One M-
                 inute,One Hour,One Day. " DECEPTION".

                 Written By:  Mr. Rufus Murry Jr.



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Publicado en el 23.04.2012.


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