Rufus Murry Jr

Vengence Of The She-Serpant

4/29/2012                                                                                R,M,J

                    To be accused of something,by the she serpant, the suducer
                is similar to a curse, that follow,s a male for quite sometime,all of
                her venomous offspring,s, were tracking that male.
                    The she-serpant,s vengence was at time,s,in full force, to wa-
                tch, and learn of the she-serpant,s way,s has cost many of men the
                -ir live,s.
                    She is a conning, predator, that stock,s men, as the Black Widow
                Spider, her only reason ,is to Kill. She was first condemed for being
                a,male murderer,than a rough,child malester of little male,s. Her kiss
                is one that can be a slow death,or a speedy one,none torturess one.
                    The she-serpant,s venom, is hypnotic,to those who she has Kissed.
                    From that point on,she was transported to that Island, that Island
                known as The Island Of The She-Snake. As man evolve,s we find more
                and more evidence of that one,s Presence. She is a Huntress, that sh-
                ow,s herself when she want,s something,her lower part of her body sh-
                ift,s, just as The King Cobra,s, to her shoulder,s, then she switches,
                the same as The Queen Cobra,Or The Texas Side winder. Death to
                those she has Bitten,that is what that mean,s.
                    To try to understand her way,s is almost to Die, she is conning,
                she is Baffling,She is Hypnotic,She is The She-Serpant,also called,
                    To watch her hypnotic walk mean,s that you are doomed to her
                death row,her venomuos Bite.
                     To ask yourself, was that apple a snake,s Egg ? Why we don,t
                 see the She-Serpant as it is,and she is a Carnivar. Just as the Tel
                 evision show of the snake eating the little Boy,that is the She-Ser-
                 pant,THE SHE-OLD,THE SHE-LO.
                     In That Garden Of Eden, "EARTH".
                 THE SHE-SNAKE.  " BEWARE". Gift To Man,No A Troublesome

                 Written By; Mr.R.M.J.




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Publicado en el 30.04.2012.


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