Rufus Murry Jr

Last Will And Estate Theive,s

5/2/2012                                                                                R.M.J.

                     To struggle for something,then to die,then either want,s
                   for what you have. The relativity or family, association or
                   communication is basically Null. So as far as the Asset,s of
                   an Estate is concerned, there is a chance that either will
                     Through the Ignorance of some people,what they chose to
                   do,hindered both. So they never realized the Legal view in
                   their Conflict.
                     As a praying animal,who,s thought is that there,there to
                   help,this praying associate, sit,s viewing, the relativity none
                   communication,s, which show,s the associate, away, into own
                   -ing, the Estate that they argue over.
                     Thought of there ignorance humor,s this associate,and lea-
                   ve,s a smile on his face. The ignorance of those people will
                   make me Rich.
                      To argue at time,s,is to loose, in this area of this world,
                   and it,s sociatey,and in their System. A failure to study m-
                   ean,s you loose. To make thing,s even worse,they are allow-
                   ed to Sedate,with Psychotrophics,s,than admitted into a psy-
                   ch Ward.  WHERE ARE ALL THE BANK BOOK,S NOW ?
                    "Take A Pill".
                    THE END
                     ESTATE THEIVE,S

                    Written by: R.M.J.



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Publicado en el 03.05.2012.


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