Ulrica Dias

Samson's Wish

‘I am going out to play”, Little Samson said.
“Take your coat and be back by six, darling”, Mummy said
“Yes, Mother”, said Samson
Samson and his parents lived alone in a log house in the middle of the woods. The nearest neighbour was fifteen miles away.
Samson was playing Red Indians with his bow and arrow in the woods when he heard a voice say “Samson”. He looked around. There was no-one there. “Over here”, said the voice from somewhere above him. Looking up, he saw a strange creature- a small fairy-like person with the face of a girl and the clothes of a boy. She had golden dancing curls and full red lips.
She spoke in a lovely musical voice “Samson, I am Fairiliza. I will grant you one wish. What is it that you wish for?”
Samson replied, “I wish I had a brother and sister to play with. I am tired of being all alone”.
Fairiliza said, “I said only one wish. You will get either a brother or sister.”
Samson asked, “When?”
“As soon as possible”, Fairiliza replied
“Can it be right now?” Samson asked eagerly
Fairiliza snorted, “No. It takes time. God’s creatures have to be properly formed. God’s creatures are not made in haste. God plans each and every detail while making HIS creatures. It will take sometime but I promise you, by Christmas you will have a baby brother or sister.”
Fairiliza disappeared as quietly she had come. It was six by then. Samson ran into the house shouting “Mother, I will have a baby brother or sister by Christmas”.
His mother wondered how he came upon that piece of information. She was going to tell him about it that very day.


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